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BHCC Construction Pte Ltd:
Case Study for Construction Industry

About BHCC Construction 

In this article, you will learn more about how BHCC Construction Pte Ltd improved productivity and overall efficiency of communication between internal and external stakeholders. 

BHCC is a home-grown Singapore building service provider and is principally engaged in the business of construction services. Since its establishment in 2003, BHCC’s accelerated growth has resulted in its expanding presence with acclaimed projects island-wide. They serve a broad range of developments to government and private sector clients across diverse industries.




Singapore, SEA

Company Size


The Challenge

BHCC to Digitalize and Streamline Operations Amidst Expansion and Diverse Project Management Needs

BHCC saw the need to digitalize their business as they are poised for further expansion, and the current processes for business management and operations departments are manual and time-consuming. They have multiple projects on hand at different project sites and there is a lack of standardization for reports, thus information sent back to the management team is not aligned for decision making. 

Manual processes also include: 

  • Tracking of materials from contract to purchase department 
  • Leave/MC application for employees
  • Generating of BIM Modelling 
  • RFI/RFA/Material Testing/Testing Results

The Solution

Yonyou Project Management Revolution: Comprehensive Digital Enhancements Elevate Efficiency and Decision-Making

With the yonyou Project Management solution, the following improvements were highlighted:

  1. Drawings for projects are located digitally, making it efficient and simple for different stakeholders to access 
  2. HR team has visibility on status of all tasks, creating a more transparent workflow and allowing them to save 50% of time on manual checking
  3. Workers profiles, and important details such as work permit number, project they are allocated to, can be viewed instantly digitally
  4. Training management was implemented too, so that the whole training process, from training application to training arrangement and training completion, can be recorded
  5. Accounting team no longer have to match documents manually. They are able to view submission of claims on each project site, and track the reimbursement process via checkpoints to show that each stage has been completed by managers in charge
  6. Information in the system are shared with team members and managers in real-time. Multiple users can log on the system to check and share information, instead of relying on Excel functions, allowing the team to make effective and timely decisions
  7. System has a database of all stock types and its corresponding quantities, and alerts are triggered when there is low stock
  8. For site management, the Progress Chart feature is useful for working planning as it shows the job completion statuss, what the team is working on currently, and what needs to be done for the upcoming month. Gives a good overview of the entire progress flow, whether the project is on track for completion, or if delays are to be anticipated

Why Yonyou

  • A complete retail industry suite solution that helps to promote organizational performances.
  • The new era technology which enables customers to adapt to the business change and rapid development.
  • With the trustworthy history, Yonyou is recognized by the public as one of the international industry leaders.

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