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Supply Chain Management

Sales Management

The sales management provided by yonyou covers quotation, ordering, shipment, and invoicing. It supports multiple sales type including ordinary sales, consigned sales, instalment collection, drop shipment, retail, and sales transfer and enables real-time monitoring sales prices and credit.

  • Strict price policy in quotation and order, including inventory price, customer-inventory mapping, promotion price and batch discount
  • Simulation on cost of Sales Order quickly and accurately by reference of BOM, material consumption, simulated labor hours and manufacturing expense when Sales Order received.
  • Input/change/search/verify sales order according to the amount/product on the clients’ order, and trace the status of order execution.
  • Generate sales delivery lists and the system will calculate the sales dispatch costs in Inventory Management module.
  • Customer confirmation process management and control after receipt of goods. Shipment confirmation slip is an important sign to indicate SO delivery.
  • Support sales order mode of Assembly to Order and Pick to Order
  • To control credit and period by department, sales person and customer.
  • Reserve goods by order and inventory.
  • Able to trace sales order execution including whole sales process: ordering, delivery, production, invoicing and receipt. Help sales manager grasp order status quickly.
  • Generate various sales statistics and analysis.
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