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YonSuite – Cloud-based ERP for Small Businesses

YonSuite is a powerful cloud-based ERP system for small and growing businesses. With a comprehensive range of features and an intuitive interface, YonSuite offers a unified platform that integrates marketing, manufacturing, procurement, finance, human resources, and office automation. This all-in-one solution enables small businesses to achieve customer-centric, data-driven, and real-time operations, providing an enabling environment for digital development and easy management.

The All-in-One Cloud ERP System for Small and Growing Businesses

Designed based on a cloud-native architecture, YonSuite provides growing enterprises with a unified platform encompassing marketing, manufacturing, procurement, financial, human resources, and office automation to support global business operations. By ensuring an enabling environment for digital development, YonSuite helps enterprises achieve customer-centric, data-driven, real-time processes and easy management.


  • Intelligent

    Support embedding of BI and AI services throughout the process of enterprise transaction, production, operation and management, to assist forecasting and decision-making.

  • Global Operations

    Support global development of growing enterprises with multiple accounting standards, multi-currency accounting, multiple language centres and cross-time zone applications.


    Support ecological partners and enterprises to customise personalised applications in the cloud, develop native applications, and quickly promote and share research and development results.

Features of Our Small Business ERP


Experience intelligent decision-making with our feature. Embed BI and AI services throughout your enterprise to access real-time data and drive informed, data-driven strategies.


Maintain operational harmony across regions. Overcome challenges of diverse accounting standards, currencies, languages, and time zones while ensuring compliance and efficiency.


Customise cloud applications, develop native solutions, and swiftly share research and development results for collaborative success and growth.

Why Choose Yonyou for Your Small Business ERP Software

With YonSuite, small businesses and growing enterprises can leverage the cloud-based ERP software to scale according to their growth level and save costs in the long term, as there are no platform charges. It is also able to integrate with other modules such as finance, human resources and marketing using a unified platform, promoting efficient and effective collaboration between teams.

It is also able to integrate with other modules such as financial, human resources and marketing using a unified platform, so teams will be able to collaborate efficiently and effectively with one another.

Ongoing Training Options

We understand the importance of continuous learning, so we offer ongoing training options for users. Through comprehensive training programmes, small businesses can equip their teams with the necessary skills and knowledge to utilise YonSuite’s capabilities fully, maximising their ERP software investment.

Customer Support

Yonyou provides exceptional customer support to ensure a seamless experience for small businesses. Their dedicated support team is readily available to promptly address any queries, concerns, or technical issues. With Yonyou’s reliable customer support, companies can rest assured that they have the necessary assistance throughout their ERP software journey.

Security Measures and Compliance Standards

Your data security and confidentiality are our priority. Our cloud ERP system incorporates strong security measures, including access controls, regular data backups, and encryption, to protect sensitive information. YonSuite adheres to stringent compliance standards, making sure that your data remains secure and compliant with regulations relevant to small and growing businesses.

Benefits of Yonyou’s ERP for Small Businesses

Improved Efficiency

YonSuite streamlines operations, automates manual processes, and eliminates redundant tasks, improving efficiency and productivity. Businesses can make informed decisions quickly and optimise their operations by centralising data and providing real-time insights.

Real-Time Data for Informed Decision-making

With YonSuite’s real-time data, small businesses can access up-to-date information, enabling them to make informed decisions based on accurate insights. Real-time visibility into key metrics, such as sales, inventory, and financials, allows businesses to respond quickly to market changes and make strategic decisions to drive growth.

Enhanced Customer Service

YonSuite enables small businesses to provide superior customer service by consolidating customer information and streamlining customer interactions. With a 360-degree view of customer data, companies can use our cloud-based ERP software to personalise their approach, improve responsiveness, and enhance customer satisfaction.

Cost Savings Through Streamlined Processes

By automating and optimising processes, YonSuite helps small businesses reduce costs associated with manual tasks, inefficiencies, and errors. The ERP software streamlines workflows, improves resource allocation, and eliminates unnecessary expenses, leading to significant cost savings over time.

Proving ERP and Other Solutions for Small Businesses

YonSuite empowers small businesses with an all-in-one cloud-based ERP software, enabling streamlined operations, data-driven decision-making, and scalability to drive growth and success. Utilise our other business solutions, including our cloud accounting software, supply chain management system and more, to increase your productivity and efficiency. Get in touch with us for more information on how our solutions can help you.


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Frequently Asked Questions About Our ERP for Small Businesses

Small businesses need ERP software to streamline and integrate their core business processes, such as sales, purchasing, inventory, and accounting. This integration leads to improved efficiency, data accuracy, and decision-making. Cloud-based ERP systems provide a centralised platform for managing these diverse functions, enabling small businesses to scale effectively, reduce manual workload, and stay competitive in their market by being more organised and responsive to changes.

Cloud-based ERP software in the market may fail small businesses due to factors like high costs, complexity, and a lack of customisation options suitable for smaller operations. Some ERP systems are designed for larger enterprises and may be too complex or resource-intensive for small businesses. These systems might not cater to the specific needs of a small business, leading to underutilisation or difficulty in adapting the software to their processes. Additionally, inadequate customer support and training can make it challenging for small businesses to implement and use these systems effectively.

Selecting the right ERP for your small business involves a series of crucial steps. Start by assessing your unique business needs to determine the necessary processes and functions for the ERP system. Look for a scalable and user-friendly ERP that offers customisation and flexibility to match your business processes. Pay attention to the total cost of ownership, including implementation, training, and ongoing support. Research the vendor’s reputation and the level of customer support they provide. Ensure the ERP integrates well with your existing tools and has robust security measures to protect your data.

Additionally, consider reviews or references from similar-sized businesses and, if possible, test the software through a trial or demo to confirm it meets your specific needs. This streamlined approach will guide you in choosing a cloud-based ERP solution that effectively supports and grows with your business.

Yonyou’s cloud-based ERP software is highly adaptable and suitable for a wide range of industries. Whether you are in manufacturing, retail, distribution, services, or any other industry, our solution can be customised to meet your specific needs. With its flexible architecture and comprehensive features, YonSuite can effectively streamline operations and optimise processes for small businesses across various sectors.

Yes, YonSuite is designed to integrate seamlessly with existing systems. With its flexible integration capabilities, it can connect with various applications and databases, ensuring smooth data flow and eliminating duplicate entries. This integration allows for efficient collaboration and enables small businesses to leverage their existing systems while benefiting from the comprehensive features and functionalities of Yonyou’s cloud ERP system.

We provide comprehensive support and training for small businesses using our cloud-based ERP software. We offer various training options, including initial implementation assistance and ongoing training programmes to ensure users have the necessary skills and knowledge. Additionally, their dedicated support team is readily available to address queries, concerns, or technical issues, providing reliable and prompt assistance throughout the ERP software journey.

Our cloud-based ERP software plays a vital role in facilitating small business growth. Streamlining operations, optimising processes, and providing real-time insights enhance operational efficiency and enable data-driven decision-making. With scalable capabilities, it accommodates business growth and expansion. YonSuite aids small businesses in making informed decisions, driving productivity, and seizing growth opportunities in a dynamic and competitive marketplace.

We follow a structured implementation process for our ERP software. It typically involves requirements gathering, system configuration, data migration, training, and post-implementation support. The process is tailored to each small business’s specific needs and requirements, ensuring a smooth transition and successful integration of our cloud-based ERP software. With our expertise and guidance, businesses can expect a well-planned and efficient implementation journey.

When it comes to data security, we ensure that we make it our top priority. Our ERP software incorporates robust security measures, including encryption, access controls, and regular data backups, to ensure the confidentiality and integrity of your data. Adhering to stringent compliance standards, YonSuite keeps your data secure from unauthorised access and potential threats, providing you with peace of mind and confidence in the security of your business information.

Yes, our cloud-based ERP software for small businesses offers mobile capabilities to enhance accessibility and productivity. With mobile functionality, users can access key ERP features and functionalities on the go, allowing for real-time updates, approvals, and access to critical business information from any location. The mobile capabilities of our ERP software enable users to stay connected, make informed decisions, and collaborate effectively, increasing efficiency and flexibility in business operations.

Yes, Yonyou’s cloud ERP system is designed to adapt and scale with the growth and changes of your small business. With its flexible architecture and customisable features, the software can easily accommodate expanding business needs, additional users, and evolving processes. Yonyou provides ongoing support and upgrades to ensure their ERP software remains aligned with your small business requirements, enabling you to manage growth effectively and navigate changing enterprise landscapes.

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