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yonyou YonBIP 

YonBIP adapts to an enterprise’s changing needs and supports business models driven by data intelligence. This is the new era for business innovation. 

yonyou NC Cloud 

Designed for large enterprises, the NC Cloud is a cloud-based integrated ERP solution that is fully customizable to an enterprise’s needs.

yonyou U8+

One of the most used business systems in Asia, the U8+ is suitable for growing enterprises as it provides flexibility for enterprises to innovate and adapt according to its organizational growth stage. 

yonyou YonSuite

YonSuite provides a unified platform that includes marketing, manufacturing, procurement, financial, human resources and office automation processes, to support global business operations.

yonyou HCM

To build a people-centric workplace while expanding globally, the Human Capital Management (HCM) system is essential as it integrates core HR functions for the management team with localization features.

yonyou PMS

Understanding how complex project planning can be, the Project Management System aims to simplify the process by integrating cross functions in a portal. 

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