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  • High Collaborative Management
  • Flexible Report Platform
  • E-Commerce Platform Integration

Yonyou U8+

Precision Management
Yonyou U8 + provides enterprises with comprehensive and refined solutions from management methods to management processes to management areas, tracking down to the bottom of revenue, costs and expenses generated by each order, each customer.

Easy Deployment, On-Demand Configurations
Yonyou U8 + provides operation deployment based on business modules so that enterprises could configure and implement operations according to different business scopes and stages of development. These solutions can be simple or complex and can keep pace with the development of enterprises.

Yonyou has been in China and Asia Pacific for more than 25 years, emerging China Enterprises’ management intelligence, global management ideas and technologies into U8+ product and solutions, fulfilling the management requirements in different development stages, and creating the core values by the data-driven concept.

Professional Service and Support
U8 + solutions meet the business needs of more than 50 Asia-Pacific countries and regions. Offer services throughout Asia and China, regardless of where you are, we can provide you with professional services.

High Collaborative Management

Flexible Report Platform

E-Commerce Platform Integration

Product Features

Open, Connected & Integrated

Embrace the new ecosystem with public and private cloud, Internet-based finance

Support Sharing Services

Share cross-organisation services e.g. Finance, HR, Procurement and IT, and enjoy lower costs

Enhanced User Experience

Improve user experience and efficiency with our new mobile app

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