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Financial Management

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Financial Management

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  • Financial Management
  • Fund Management
  • Budgeting and Planning
  • Expense Management
  • Profit Management
  • Cost Management
  • International Application

Multi-Group and Multi-Level Financial Management

  • Accounting platforms for multi-group and multi-organization, supporting settlement at BU level
  • Integration of finance and business realizes real-time finance control and business collaboration
  • Documents and vouchers synergism, making it easy for internal reconciliation
  • Fast, accurate, and real-time financial reports, supporting a better decision making process and employees’ performance appraisal
  • Integrate global and local financial operation, complete settlement and reports under multi-policy, and separate internal reports from external

Holistic fund management platform

  • Payment scheduling
  • Whole process support for the payment of the employee reimbursement using commission payment
  • Automated bank reconciliations
  • Flexible and efficient settlement for multi-level business centers
  • Support for setting proxy settlement accounts
  • Whole process support of shared bank accounts across multiple business units within the enterprise
  • Flexible funds plan
  • Centralized management of bills
  • Internal loan management

Inclusive Group Budgeting and Planning System

  • Automatic calculation, summary and decomposition
  • Budgeting status enquiry for all the budgeting units
  • Improved budgeting data accuracy by prediction and simulation using historical data, management approval data, and collaborating BU budget data
  • Budgeting, monitoring, analysis and adjustment integration
  • Close integration with BPM, ensuring that strategy is the core of budget management

Multi-Organization Expense Management

  • Complete reimbursement process
  • Shared Financial Service Center
  • Cross-organizational reimbursement
  • Prepaid expenses processing
  • Cost inquiry and analysis

Multi-Mode Profit Center

  • Internal accounting system for the profit center of group enterprises
  • Definition, collection and application of business volume
  • Processing of internal settlement of enterprise
  • Cost sharing between responsibility centers

Comprehensive Real-Time Cost Management

  • Standard cost calculation
  • Cost sharing
  • Multi-organization cost calculation
  • Outsourcing cost calculation

International Application

  • Multiple languages and data formats
  • Multiple time zones
  • Multi-currency
  • Multiple accounting standards and policies
  • Multiple roles and levels of personalized configuration

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