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Material Requirements Planning

Material Requirements Planning

Production Planning

Production Planning is used by enterprise planners to balance the production quantities, factory’s production capacity, forecast quantities and customer demand within a specific period

Planning Policy

The Master Production Schedule is a master plan developed for production, inventory, and manpower, etc. whereby it sets the quantity of each end item to be completed for a short-term planning horizon. It gives production, planning, purchasing, and senior management the information needed to plan and control the manufacturing operation

  • Establish multiple MPS/MRP planning schemes within an organization.
  • Support settings of BOM-Routing matching rules and kitting analysis for BOM parent materials and sub-materials.
  • Ability to generate rescheduling proposals by MPS planning.

MPS/MRP Planning

The Master Production Schedule (MPS) will deliver detailed material and production requirements to the Material Requirement Planning (MRP)

  • Support multi-organizational collaboration planning and multi-step planning for a single production entity.
  • Support planner-based MPS planning
  • Support phantom processing
  • When considering manufacturing factors, economic quantities and batches, demand orders can be combined for scheduling.

Planning Order and Fulfilment

Effectively plan production and procurement based on net demand calculated by the system.

The Planned Order is the proposal that planners can interactively convert to purchase requisition for external procurement or internal production. MRP creates planned orders based on calculated net demand and the available capability.

  • Allow visibility of the planned orders list by summaries, supply-demand matching details, demand details and supply details using query parameters.
  • Enable tracking of demand sources based on the planned order generated from the MRP Planning.

Task Management

Establish a complete project budget management system and link the budget contract payments to control the cost strictly.

Target Cost Management

Reasonably create the budget, timely monitor the gap between the budget and the actual cost, and gain visibility into project budgets and forecasts to determine overall project financial health.

  • Set up project target cost flexibly according to the organization’s criteria.
  • Reasonably create the budget and timely monitor any cost gap
  • Enable visibility into project target cost and ensure that the project can satisfy budget commitments.

Target Cost Adjustment

Spend money in the most effective way. Project changes are inevitable and it is necessary to make timely adjustments and reallocate target cost.

  • Spend project funds in the most effective way by closely tracking processes of the target cost adjustment and reallocation.
  • Enable real-time dynamic cost control by comparison with target cost, actual cost, and budget balance.

Contract Management

To deliver successful projects, a project-centric organization needs to proactively manage the changes in contract obligations and specifications.

Contract Management

Reasonably control and monitor the contract. Improve project contract processes by workflow-based contract operations and integrate seamlessly with other application modules.

  • Enable full proper recordings of key contract’s information to ensure that the project complies with contractual terms and conditions, hence minimize contract risks.
  • Proactively manage any contract amendment and status during the contract execution.
  • Reduce operational costs by utilizing a central repository of contract information to avoid communication errors and duplication in data entry.

Invoicing and Payment Management

Strictly follow the contract term and payment agreement. Project Invoicing and Payment Management, enables you to streamline invoicing processes, track payment cycle and improve cash flow.

  • Control project invoicing, collection and payment in accordance with the contract term.
  • Utilizing contract information, it enables users to track unbilled receivables, and do accrued revenues as well as other internal charge-backs
  • Gain visibility of all contract billing and payment status under one single view.

Contract Settlement

Contract Settlement, as part of the Contract Management, is fully-functional and can control the settlement process

  • Allow the detailed recording of contract settlement e.g. terms of settlement.
  • Track the status of guarantee deposit and complete the release of guarantee deposit.
  • Implement processes and manage approvals among multiple pending contract settlements.

Cost Management

Improve project costing processes – Cost Management provides a completely integrated cost management solution which empowers managers with timely and detailed project cost information to monitor project performance and take corrective actions.

Dynamic Cost Management

Real-time control and proactively monitor the incurred cost during the project execution.

  • Gain real-time visibility of the dynamic cost movement in the whole project lifecycle.
  • Review dynamic cost with different dimensions e.g. cost items dimension, WBS dimension.
  • A quick comparison of costs to forecasts and budgets to improve cost performance.

Cost Analysis

Analyze cost based on different management concepts. Closely monitor project performance – utilize timely cost information to make critical decisions, to ensure that project execution meets the budget.

  • Gain visibility into project cost performance with real-time cost analysis.
  • Gain visibility into project performance from a cost perspective which has different defined dimensions
  • Manage all costs and expenditures based on unified cost items set at group-level or company-level.

Onsite Management

Onsite Management provides project managers with the visibility and control they need to execute their projects, manage changes efficiently and improve project profitability.

Variation Order (VO) Management

VO Management records the on-site situation and is indirectly affected by budgets. Focus on change and risk management to eliminate accidents.

  • Proactively record onsite variation and related costs.
  • Track budgets and associated costs with integrated change management for better visibility and higher accuracy.
  • Enable approval process workflows and authorize the online review of changing management procedures.

Quality Management

Full-featured quality management system manages onsite inspections, whether temporary or planned, with standardized checklists to capture and track nonconformities.

  • Define Quality Inspection standards and Project Quality targets at different levels.
  • Capture defects by taking pictures and taking notes. Simple and clear solutions mean less miscommunication and fewer mistakes.
  • Enable quality inspections with standardized checklists via Yonyou PM+ mobile app on a smartphone or tablet.
  • Build a robust quality tracking system with comprehensive reporting tools.

Safety Management

The fully-featured safety management system that properly records quality issues and takes fast corrective actions can greatly improve project ROI and shorten project schedules

  • Define Safety Check information using safety check contents and suggested corrective actions.
  • Capture safety issues with ease and immediately assign these issues to corrective actions.
  • Utilize standardized safety checklists to capture the right information every time.
  • Simplify safety management with centralized repositories of all safety-related information.

Progress Management

Project Progress is a key activity of project management, and project managers issue regular progress reports against budget, schedule and scope.

Plan Management

Standardize the format of the project plan; reflect the project plan in an overall view. Unify project plans and measure against actual progress

  • Set up the control plan for the project.
  • Proactively manage the actual progress via real-time reporting.
  • Gain visibility in project progress with real-time comparisons between planned and actual progress.


Milestone Management

Control milestones from different perspectives can not only help your team to keep on track, but also help project managers to determine whether the project is on schedule.

  • Set up key deadlines on the project plan so that team members can easily see what achievement is coming up and plan accordingly.
  • Enable approval process workflows with milestone management to trigger event for executable tasks
  • Project control should incorporate milestone analysis to determine why the milestone was not reached and how it could affect the project.


Progress Analysis

Real-time comparison between planned progress and the actual situation. Comprehensive Progress Analysis provides you with all the information that a project manager should know about project operation and quality management.

  • Gain visibility with real-time comparison between control plans and actual progress.
  • Offers an organization a comprehensive analysis solution that delivers insight into project progress data for decision making.

Suppliers’ Portal

The Supplier Portal, as part of yonyou e-Commerce suite, integrates with other application modules such as Purchase Management and Account Payables.

Supplier Portal

Typically, strategic supplier management is a time-consuming and complex process; organization can gain more savings and value by collaborating, exchanging information and negotiating – all through a secure Internet-based online portal.

  • Improve the collaboration efficiency between you and your suppliers by allowing you to access updated information including purchase orders, delivery and payment status.
  • The Purchase Sourcing function enables an efficient sourcing process through online collaboration; suppliers can submit their quotations and/or responses to quotes, organize made bid comparisons, negotiate and better participate in the selected supplier.
  • Achieve better efficiency by serving as a Web Store for site items requisition which integrates with backend Purchase Management.

Mobile App

Manage one-stop inspections and have online access to project issues, which mean project staff can make most of their time while on site.

Project Management Mobile Solution (PM+)

Yonyou PM+ is the cloud-based app that transforms the project onsite management process.

  • Use PM+ mobile app to capture distribution and track defects on real-time basis so that users can respond faster and take correct actions more accurately. Record problems, capture defects and attach photos to deliver problems that need to be addressed.
  • Increase inspection productivity and efficiency by providing inspectors with easy-to-use mobile apps to manage on-site inspections with customizable checklist templates.
  • Improve team collaboration in the project circle – having real-time access to project progress/status, design documents and site pictures and handover review.
  • Reduce paperwork and minimize errors by providing users with the information they need in an easy-to-use mobile app which can be run on iPhone, iPad and Android mobile platforms.

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