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Wholesale Distribution Management System

yonyou Wholesale and Distribution Management System focuses on the management goals of the trading industry. Internally, it helps companies in the trading industry to achieve integrated operation of business processes. Externally, it builds synergy across different parts of the supply chain through O2O (online-to-offline) strategies and e-commerce operations with distributors. The Trading Industry Solution aims to improve the overall operating efficiency of companies.

yonyou’s Wholesale Distribution Software: Streamlining Your Business

yonyou Distribution Management System is a SaaS solution, with timely and accurate online ordering, safe and convenient online payment, flexible setting of marketing policy, and supports enterprises for better group management and control of internal organisations and channels. yonyou DMS greatly improves operational efficiency, reduces costs, and opens up target markets.

yonyou Distribution Management System consists of Batch Tracking, Sales Channel Management, Expiry Date Management, Distributor Coordination, Rebate, Logistics, Quality Tracing, Package Management.

Features of Our Wholesale Distribution Management System

  • Launch Updates Swiftly and Effectively

    Ensure immediate sharing of new product information and sales policies. Impress your clientele and skyrocket your sales with our timely dissemination feature.

  • Accelerate Order Fulfilment

    Fast ordering simplifies accurate order placement for distributors or sales reps, mitigating delivery hiccups and improving overall customer experience.

  • Redefine Transparency in your Pricing Process

    Say goodbye to inconsistencies. Our auto-match feature minimises errors and fosters fairness across distributor tiers.

  • Drive Loyalty with Timely Rebates

    Manage rebates effortlessly, enhance customer loyalty. Our trouble-free rebate system guarantees accurate, timely processing.

  • Get Swift Payment Confirmation

    Experience prompt confirmation post-payment with online-offline synchronisation. Elevate trust, transparency and reduce error risks.

  • Simplify Promotion Planning

    Navigate multiple promotion policies easily at any time, avoiding manual mismatches and ensuring smooth promotion management.

Why Choose Yonyou for Your Distribution Management System

As a trusted ERP solutions provider in Singapore, we extend our expertise beyond wholesale and distribution management systems. In addition to project management software, robotic process automation, and more solutions, we deliver a broad suite of professional services, including global customer support and expert business consulting.

Understanding the vital role of competent staff, we’ve designed a comprehensive, targeted product training programme to boost corporate proficiency and facilitate a smooth implementation process for our clients. Our seasoned product management team, backed by dedicated Research & Development departments, provide robust maintenance and support services. These services cover application integrity, managing upgrades, and new releases, helping to optimise performance, minimise risks, and cut down ownership costs. 

Embark on a journey of success by getting in touch with Yonyou today. Our wholesale distribution management system is poised to propel your business to the forefront of the market in Singapore and the broader Asia-Pacific region.

John Loh
General Manager

Our Customers

Frequently Asked Questions About our Wholesale Distribution Management System

Yonyou’s wholesale distribution management system is a unique SaaS solution that not only streamlines business processes but also aids in building synergy across different parts of the supply chain. With features like batch tracking, sales channel management, and distributor coordination, it can support your organisation’s efforts to enhance operational efficiency and open up new target markets.

Designed with a high degree of customisation, Yonyou’s distribution management system can integrate effortlessly with your existing software systems. It offers a flexible framework for setting up marketing policies and managing various internal organisations and channels. Furthermore, the platform allows you to efficiently manage your merchandise, customers, orders, payments, and inventory, all within the same system.

Yonyou’s distribution management system is designed to work cohesively with your existing backend Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems, providing a smooth and seamless integration process. This compatibility ensures your existing infrastructure and operations won’t be disrupted, allowing for a hassle-free transition.

Yonyou is dedicated to providing unrivalled customer support through comprehensive services including business consulting, implementation, training, and maintenance, on a global scale. Leveraging our team of 3,000+ experts, we deliver industry-specific advice and tailor-made solutions, all aimed at driving your business success.

Preserving the security and confidentiality of your financial data is our topmost priority at Yonyou. We deploy advanced security protocols to shield your sensitive information from unauthorised breaches, and to avert any potential data loss. Furthermore, our compliance with rigorous data privacy laws and standards underscores our commitment to uphold the highest degree of data security and integrity.

The cost of implementing Yonyou’s wholesale distribution management system can vary depending on your business’s specific needs, including the level of customisation required and the scale of deployment. We recommend reaching out to our team for more information.

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