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ERP Software for Construction Industry in Singapore

Construction covers the processes involving conception, design, pre-construction, procurement, actual construction and post-construction. It also involves multiple stakeholders, such as the main contractor, sub-contractor, nominated contractor, material supplier, project manager and consultants, who need to share and receive time-sensitive information relating to the project cycle.

With technology and speed being a key emphasis in recent years, businesses in the Built Environment sector find it imperative to automate the many manual processes in order to improve work quality, productivity and the cost of time and materials.

Leading Project Management Platform & ERP Software for the Construction Industry  

Yonyou’s Project Management Platform and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software for the construction industry help to lower operating costs, shorten project life cycles and achieve higher quality project delivery.

Asset Management

Pain Point

  • Inventory information cannot be accessed in real-time by all related stakeholders
  • Stocktaking is done manually and prone to errors
  • Data entry is recorded by hand and stored on paper


  • Digitize all relevant data records on one platform for all parties to access information with authorization
  • Automate asset management life cycle – including purchase information input, transfer, asset loss, asset management life cycle
  • Maintain intact and detailed asset profiles for unification
  • Reduce redundant communication with live data presented, thus further improving productivity

Contract Management

Pain Point

  • Time-consuming processes for contract evaluation cause project delay
  • Manual workflow causes inaccuracy due to input errors and formatting incorrectness


  • Relevant stakeholders are only required to modify the designated content of the contract
  • Sensitive documents are preserved within the department with precise permission control

Subcon Payment / Claim Management

Pain Point

  • Claim and Payment process are time consuming due to documents transmission from between site and HQ
  • Tedious site verification process and approval process with large volume of paper documents cause confusion on payment


  • Digitized claim and payment process shorten operation process, and real time reports and statistics clearly present the approval progresses
  • Joining Incorporate external stakeholders such as subcon into the working flow streamline the operation processes thus improve efficiency

Drawing Management

Pain Point

  • Delay of information transferring: relevant stakeholders not receiving updated drawings
  • Information Asymmetry


  • A centralized platform of access drawings anytime/anywhere
  • Strict Authorization control on drawings submission and action logs are taken to avoid information asymmetry

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