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NC Cloud 

A Group Enterprise Management Platform
Customer-oriented. Data-driven. Allows real-time Management. Empowers the organization

In the new digital era, the Internet has created a new business and operations model encompassing new technologies such as cloud computing, big data, and mobile applications. The NC Cloud is your solution to keeping up with digitalization. With customizable modules such as finance, supply chain, marketing, and more, the NC Cloud takes care of the back-end integration and allows your enterprise to move towards internationalization with a piece of mind. 



  • High Flexibility

    Better flexibility to pick and choose the business processes that meet your enteprise's needs

  • Connected & Integrated

    Embrace the new ecosystem with public and private cloud, Internet-based finance

  • Support Sharing Service

    Share cross-organisation services e.g. Finance, HR, Procurement and IT, and enjoy lower costs

  • Enhanced User Experience

    Support multi-device application with customized user interface

  • Intelligent

    Continual machine learning with AI, RPA and VPA

  • Timely Control

    Enable business leaders to make timely and critical decisions in a fully transparent information-sharing platform


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