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Financial Management

Inclusive Group Budgeting & Planning System 

Build up a real-time monitoring system throughout the whole budgeting and executing process

yonyou NC6 is committed to build up a holistic budgeting and planning system, which integrates strategical objectives, annual budgeting as well as monthly business operations. It supports multi-level and multi-mode budgeting applications, satisfying the need of budget consolidation, a holistic and process-based budgeting evaluation mechanism.

  • Automation of calculation, summary and decomposition
  • Budgeting status enquiries for all items
  • Improve budgeting data accuracy by prediction and simulation using historical data, management approval data, and collaborating BU budget data
  • Integrate budgeting, monitoring, analysis and adjustment
  • Integrate with BPM closely and ensure that the strategy is the core of budget management
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