Yonyou ERP - U8+

Supply Chain Management

Inventory Accounting

For the accounting of the receipt, issue and inventory of the enterprise’s stocks to acquire inventory consumption information and allocate all inventory costs to relevant cost items and cost objects for the enterprise’s cost accounting.

  • Several costing methods are available, including monthly average, moving average, FIFO, individual pricing and planned price accounting.
  • Provides 3 accounting methods; by warehouse, by department, and by inventory.
  • The system provides three methods for estimation of receipt cost; Back Offset at Beginning of Month, Back Offset upon Receiving Invoice and Make up Variance upon Receipt Doc.
  • “This function exempts a shop that wants to use a material that has been collected but not used up at the end of a month in the next month from the material return procedures by creating a simulated material return form for cost accounting.”
  • This function makes adjustment to documents that have been book kept in current month and makes entry to sub ledgers or the variance account book / the price difference account by means of Issue Adjustment Doc / Receipt Adjustment Doc / System Adjustment Doc.
  • Provides the accrual of depreciation provision for inventory.
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