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Real Estate

Real Estate


yonyou real estate solution integrates the management of real estate projects, tender, sales & marketing, leasing, property, and decision support to improve the professional capabilities of enterprises.

Why choose yonyou project management system? 

It allows you to streamline the workflow across property management processes, from business operations to accounting. 

Features of yonyou real estate system

  • Leasing

    - Leasing control table
    - Leasing process
    - Contract management
    - Move-in & out process

  • Property Management

    - Customer info
    - Room-customer relation
    - Charge items
    - Charge standard
    - A/R expense calculation

  • Charge Management

    - Debit note
    - A/R expense calculation
    - Reminder
    - Penalty calculation
    - Fee allocation
    - Charge list

  • Maintenance Management

    - Service request
    - Work order
    - Follow-up verification

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