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Contract lifecycle management is a process that allows the business to stay on top of all their contracts and properly manage them. This includes determining which state each contract is at, when they are coming up for renewal, managing renewals, and keeping track of which ones have expired. If you don’t want to get stuck in a situation where you’ve overlooked an important detail or missed your opportunity to renegotiate terms with one of your clients, it’s a feasible option for businesses to leverage on this process. A poorly communicated or unenforced contract can otherwise turn into a legal nightmare with unforeseen consequences, so it’s paramount that contracts are managed correctly from the get-go.

With countless contracts that every business needs to manage, it can be a daunting task for any company in Singapore. If you’re in need of a systematic approach to maintain your contracts at every stage, consider Yonyou’s Contract Lifecycle Management solutions for your business needs.

Why Yonyou’s Contract Lifecycle Management Solutions?

Contract management is an important part of many industries and processes, but it can also be vastly different depending on the industry you work with. Yonyou’s Contract Lifecycle Management solutions can help you to manage documents of all kinds of contracts, contract change, contract query, and processes of settlement, collection, reconciliation, and follow-up controls of contract.

  • Lifecycle management of the entire contract including scopes of signing of contract, execution of contract, collection, payment, and etc.
  • Able to define the classifications and properties of contracts in accordance with clients’ applications (divided into AR, AP, purchase, sales and other contract types)
  • Various methods of alarms, when contracts become effective, closed and executed.
  • Directly connect the contract with purchase/sales system which allows full tracking of the contract status

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