Yonyou ERP - U8+

Supply Chain Management

Inventory Management

Provides alert mechanisms on inventory shortage, overstock and safety stock, so when used in conjunction with BI decision-making, it can provide the basis to make appropriate decisions.

  • Manage stock in/out by batch and support pegging whole process related with batch number
  • Complete serial number management through stock in/out. Transfer, defective goods processing and relocation document. In this way, single product is traced by Serial No.
  • Manage inventory by shelf life and to alert guarantee period of inventory and for expired inventory.
  • Compatible to multi-mode of stock count scheme, such as by warehouse, by lot, by inventory classification and by shelf life days.
  • Through application of barcode, the system helps logistic and warehouse easily process transaction operation, lower labor intensity and mistake possibility and improve efficacy of stock in/out.
  • Alert by guarantee period, warehouse count, max stock and min stock, etc. Flexible mode on alert such as informed via email and pop-up message.
  • Analyze inventory level by receipt/shipment/stock report, analysis on overstock and shortage of inventory, stock aging and other inventory status, which makes it easy to make reasonable inventory strategy, to facilitate inventory turnover and optimize inventory structure.
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