Yonyou ERP - U8+

Supply Chain Management

Barcode Management

Support the scanning of barcodes with multiple PC-based offline and wireless scanning terminals and offer different scanning solutions for different scanning environments to meet enterprises’ management needs for barcode applications.

  • Can distinguish resolution barcodes from master file barcodes and provide the appropriate processing method.
  • Supports fixed length barcodes and non-fixed length barcodes, to meet enterprises’ barcode application requirements.
  • Allowed to manually maintain the barcode master files directly with this module.
  • Multiple hardware applications are supported: For wireless/online/offline (batch processing) applications, this module features simple and convenient interface operations.
  • Supports the scanning of document barcodes and inventory barcodes.
  • Since it supports generation of documents by scanning, it can meet enterprises’ management requirements for fast entry of documents according to physical goods.
  • Picking lists can be generated according to sales shipment docs, manufacturing orders, and subcontracting orders.
  • Location allocation for picking sheets is supported
  • Confirmation of picking sheet by barcode scanning is also supported.
  • Provides a scanning function for associated documents, which enables it to record barcode association.
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