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Group Supply Chain

Yonyou’s NC Group Supply Chain Management solution is a centralized model that primarily comprises of contract management, purchase management, outsourcing management, pre-sale analysis, export management, stock management, inventory accounting, and GSP quality control.

The functions of the solution are to increase the accuracy of forecasting, reduce inventory, improve ability to deliver and supply goods, reduce workflow cycle time, increase production efficiency, reduce supply chain cost, reduce overall purchasing costs, shorten production cycle time and accelerate market response time.


  • Complete supplier evaluation function including information analysis comprising historical data, prices, and rates
  • Supports contract management with notification methods throughout contract life cycle
  • Supports purchase management and sales management in the following categories: common purchase, commission sales, and direct consignment
  • Supports various common and special stock-in and stock-out businesses, barcodes, batches, shelf life, stock location, counting and transfers
  • Supports comprehensive quality control comprising quality inspection in multiple categories and multiple methods of processing inferior products

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