Asia Polyurethane Manufacturing (APU)

Company Profile

Asia Polyurethane Manufacturing was established in 1985, as the first fully equipped system house based in the ASEAN region to tailor Polyurethane systems to the needs of clients. It strives to reduce the costs of customers’ operations through the supply of systems that enhance productivity and improve the properties of the polyurethane system. Its headquarters is in Singapore, with more than 98 percent of its sales coming from export to more than 42 countries all over the world.

Project Background

Due to its rapid expansion, APU needed a system that covers broad and deep operational end-to-end processes such as accounting, manufacturing, supply chain, customer relationship management, human resource, and analytics. They also found it difficult to forecast sales performance, and maintain enough inventory level for the business, due to the manual processes that were in place. Human error was inevitable. 


yonyou ERP solution acts as a centralized system for seamless flow of information. Business leaders can make informed decisions as data is shown in real-time. The ERP solution can effectively capture business data for operational efficiency, ensure accurate calculation for costs and allow more control over the purchase of inventory. With a centralized system, different business units are now able to view relevant information and help to reduce office and administrative costs.

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