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(English) Asia Polyurethane Manufacturing (APU):
Case Study for Manufacturing Industry

亚洲聚氨酯制造 (APU)






用友 ERP解决方案作为一个集中的系统,实现了信息的无缝流动。企业领导人可以做出明智的决定,因为数据是实时显示的。ERP解决方案可以有效地捕捉业务数据,以提高运营效率,确保准确计算成本,并允许更多的控制购买库存。有了一个集中的系统,不同的业务部门现在能够查看相关的信息,有助于减少办公和行政成本。

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APU Adopts Integrated System to Streamline Operations and Enhance Forecasting Accuracy

APU’s swift growth necessitated a comprehensive system to manage extensive operations, encompassing accounting, manufacturing, supply chain, customer relations, human resources, and analytics. The manual methods they relied on made it challenging to predict sales accurately and maintain adequate inventory levels, leading to unavoidable human errors.

(English) The Solution


Yonyou ERP Solution Revolutionizes Business Operations with Real-time Data and Centralized Control

yonyou ERP solution acts as a centralized system for seamless flow of information. Business leaders can make informed decisions as data is shown in real-time. The ERP solution can effectively capture business data for operational efficiency, ensure accurate calculation for costs and allow more control over the purchase of inventory. With a centralized system, different business units are now able to view relevant information and help to reduce office and administrative costs.


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