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(English) Shanda Group:
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用友 ERP解决方案能够从业务角度满足其子公司的要求,并符合每个子公司当地政府的财务规定。该解决方案还可以支持复杂的财务合并要求,使其易于支持大规模的运作。以前合并过程每月需要接近15天,而现在只需要不到2天的时间就能完成这一过程。

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(English) The Challenge


Shanda Group Aims for Growth: Seeks Automation to Overcome Consolidation and Reporting Challenges

Shanda Group, a prominent enterprise boasting over 100 subsidiaries, currently faces challenges with its manual approach to group consolidation reporting and the absence of a standardized System of Accounts (SOA) across its entities. The finance team’s need to cross-check data among subsidiaries introduces risks of human error and inefficiencies. Aiming to lay a robust foundation for growth, the management team is keen on automating financial consolidation processes and boosting staff productivity, thereby streamlining operations and enhancing accuracy in financial management.

(English) The Solution


Yonyou ERP Drastically Reduces Consolidation Time, Boosting Efficiency Across Shanda Group’s Subsidiaries

The Yonyou ERP solution successfully addressed the diverse business needs of Shanda Group’s subsidiaries while ensuring compliance with each subsidiary’s local financial regulations. Capable of supporting complex financial consolidation demands, the solution significantly streamlined large-scale operations. Prior to its implementation, the consolidation process took nearly 15 days each month. With Yonyou ERP, the process was dramatically reduced to less than 2 days, marking a substantial improvement in efficiency and operational speed.


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