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Case Study for Manufacturing Industry


Steward’s Solution成立于1998年,是一家为食品和饮料行业提供一站式解决方案的公司。从那时起,它的解决方案已经扩展到包括可靠和经验丰富的厨房清洁人员,以及为活动和不同行业类型提供设备齐全的模块化厨房。Steward’s Solution目前拥有100多名员工和超过30,000平方英尺的资产,以满足客户的需求。


Steward’s Solution手头有一个新项目,他们希望简化新项目的运作,整合各部门的信息流,从销售到采购团队到财务部门。他们还希望通过标准化和数字化,减少终端用户必须做的平凡工作,提高业务运营的效率。这将确保更少的错误被犯。他们还希望相关的利益相关者能够查看母公司的业务流程的洞察力。


用友 ERP解决方案将许多平凡的任务自动化,并大大降低了错误率。部门、客户和供应商之间的信息流被整合,领导团队可以一目了然地查看母公司的重要信息。


  • 财务
  • 供应链
  • 定制化

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Steward’s Solution to Boost Efficiency and Insight with Integrated, Digitalized Operations

Steward’s Solution is embarking on a new project aiming to enhance operational efficiency by integrating information flow across various departments including sales, purchasing, and finance. The initiative focuses on reducing routine tasks through standardization and digitalization, thereby minimizing errors and increasing efficiency. Additionally, it seeks to provide relevant stakeholders with insights into the parent company’s business processes.

(English) The Solution


Yonyou ERP Drives Efficiency with Automated Tasks and Integrated Information Flow

Yonyou ERP solution automates many mundane tasks and reduces the error rate significantly. Information flow between departments, customers, and vendors are integrated and the leadership team can view important information from the parent company at one glance. 

Modules selected: 

  • Finance
  • Supply Chain
  • Customization 


Why Yonyou

  • A complete retail industry suite solution that helps to promote organizational performances.
  • The new era technology which enables customers to adapt to the business change and rapid development.
  • With the trustworthy history, Yonyou is recognized by the public as one of the international industry leaders.