Kyi Heng Construction Pte Ltd was incorporated in 2005 as a sub-contracting firm, specializing in tiling, stone, mosaic and wet trade works.

Pain Points
  1. Manual management of workers schedule, salary and working hours

  2. Manual tracking of progress status for projects

This resulted in lower productivity and time wasted as the foreman in charge of each project had to key each detail manually using Microsoft Excel.

Yonyou’s Solution
  1. Worker management solution
    • Mobile Attendance & work order
    • Automated payroll calculation
  2. Quotation Management solution
    • Quotation on the go
  3. Project management solution
    • Variation order
    • Field Report function



Pain Points

Yonyou’s Solution

Time Taken



Worker Management

Manual tracking of work’s activities, attendance and work hours

Digital form for foreman to record site and individual work progress

538 hours per month

230 hours per month

Insufficient data to measure worker’s performance and productivity

Attendance taking using a mobile app

Inability to track daily toolbox and personal protective equipment (PPE) checks

Office Automation (OA) system enables daily checks and safety reminders

Too much time consumed for salary calculation (over-time, hourly rate, days worked)

Automatic retrieval of employee attendance in system, taking into consideration all points

Quotation Management

Loss in business opportunities as quotation cannot be created immediately. Site surveyor has to review and bring in requirements to create a quotation

Using a digital form with pre-set values to create a quotation immediately

4 hours per quote

2 hours per quote

Project Management

Long processing time in submission of variation orders.

Automated submission of variation orders and records

209 hours per month

50 hours per month

Difficulty in keeping track of site conditions due to human error

Using mobile app to generate field reports photos, timestamp and location

Multiple modes of communication using WeChat, Whatsapp, Email etc

One centralized point of communication for information sharing and recording purposes