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YonBIP | 商业创新平台

用友商业创新平台 YonBIP (Business Innovation Platform) 具有数字化、智能化、高弹性、安全可信、平台化、 生态化、全球化和社会化八大特性,服务企业实现商业创新发展。


什么是 YonBIP

商业创新 · 如此便捷

  • 云原生
  • 微服务
  • 低代码开发平台
  • 数据中台


为什么选择用友 YonBIP?






完全云原生 真正微服务



用友 YonBIP 如何服务你的企业?

(English) yonyou Cloud Services

  • (English) Financial Cloud

    (English) Smart, precise, and agile accounting in real time

  • (English) Human Resource Cloud

    (English) Digitalized human resource platform to empower employees

  • (English) Collaborative Cloud

    (English) Built for enterprises for ease of communication, and collaboration

  • (English) Marketing Cloud

    (English) One-stop portal for all marketing related business functions, such as digital transactions, CRM, membership management, and more

  • (English) Procurement Cloud

    (English) Intelligent matching recommendations to make purchasing easier even on a global scale

  • (English) Manufacturing Cloud

    (English) Smart IOT, R&D Management, Smart Factory Management, and other integrated management solutions to improve efficacy and reduce costs

  • (English) Asset Cloud

    (English) Integration of asset management & IOT to help predict, report and control based on data

  • (English) Engineering Cloud

    (English) Automates the project quality, progress, and collaboration between stakeholders

  • (English) Communication Cloud

    (English) Focuses on the development of communication in the 5G era using Internet of Things

Technology, the Cornerstone of Innovation

Cloud-Native Technology

Streamline costs and operations by automating and standardizing software deployment and operational tasks


Microservice Architecture

Allows swift, frequent, and reliable delivery of large, complex applications


Centralized Architecture

Dedicated resources, cost-efficient, and allows for quick updates that multiple entities can control 


Low Code

Abstract and automate every step of the application lifecycle to streamline the delivery of a variety of solutions


Integration of Data & Artificial Intelligence

Harness the power of machine learning for data preparation tasks in an agile and efficient manner 



Reduce human error and enable smart bots (RPA/VPA) to perform repetitive tasks


Integrated & Open Platform

Open-API platform that allows easy integration & customization to third party apps


Driven by New Generation of Technology

Mobile Internet | Cloud Computing | Artificial Intelligence | Big Data | 5G | Internet of Things | Blockchain Technology


User Experience

Step into a portal with workflow customized to an employee’s role, and a knowledge center that facilitates the exchange of information 




High Level SLA

> 99.5%



> 99.95%

IaaS (Single Instance)


> 99.99% 

IaaS (Multi-AZ Instances)

(English) John Loh
(English) General Manager