In this article, you will learn more about how Sysma Holdings Limited digitalized the approval process for claims, payments, and subcontract management. 

Company Profile

Sysma Holdings Limited had its humble beginnings in 1986 as a small construction company. The company later grew to become a Group and was listed 26 years later, in August 2012. Today, we continue to follow the same principles on which Sysma was built – honesty, integrity, expertise, professionalism, and attention to detail.

Sysma diverse portfolio spans many industries with more than 300 building projects including residential, commercial, industrial, institutional, heritage and conservation, and educational institutions.

Project Background

  • Manual recording of progress claims, which is time-consuming
  • Difficult to generate data or perform data analysis as data was not unified
  • Summary of project processes was keyed in manually
  • Payment has to be tagged to a code separately, and involve multiple stakeholders

Solution – Subcontract Management

By understanding Sysma’s business flow, Yonyou digitalized the approval process for the business. Now each time they make a progress claim or sub-contractor payment, all they need to do is fill in the total amount claimed this time, choose the type of retention, and the system would automatically complete the rest of the form. Yonyou has also helped to standardize the sub-contractor process, to cover different scenarios so they can easily provide templates for sub-contractors to use.

Yonyou has also created a data push to Sysma’s finance system, which reduced the manpower needed to key in data when making an AP form for each sub-contractor.

In summary, after applying the Project Management solution, the QS team is able to reduce the manual workload and can concentrate more on other aspects of a project, instead of having to spend hours and days filling excel forms. With digitalization, managers can approve any part of the process on the go via a mobile app, look for reports or data efficiently.