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(English) Sheng Siong:
Retail Industry Case Study for ERP & HRM Solution

在这篇文章中,你将了解到更多关于昇菘集团有限公司在中国的分支机构如何使用NC6 ERP人力资源管理解决方案来开展其多地区业务。





  • 增值税(VAT).必须在采购发票和销售发票上计算,并有相应的账户代码。
  • 增值税发票.必须与中国政府的税控系统挂钩。
  • 内部报告.财务报告必须能够同时适用于不同的会计原则。
  • 系统必须迎合双语标准
  • 人力资源系统必须遵循中国的雇员薪资标准(就像新加坡的公积金和税收)。


yonyou erp solution framework

用友 ERP解决方案框架

用友 NC6 ERP & HRM解决方案是一个多语言和多币种的解决方案,满足了中国政府对会计和人力资源标准的所有要求。通过NC6,增值税和增值税发票可以自动开具,并符合GAP标准。人力资源管理解决方案可以捕捉到员工的社会保险/身份证、纳税额和报告,而不考虑城市/省,以及标准工作时间。位于中国的企业的这些系统随后与新加坡的现有系统集成,因此决策者可以轻松地访问重要数据。

(English) Industry

(English) Retail

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(English) The Challenge


Sheng Siong’s ERP Upgrade: Aligning with China’s VAT, Tax, and Bilingual Accounting Norms

As Sheng Siong plans to expand to China, they have to ensure that the ERP system they are using for the transmission of data addresses the accounting & bookkeeping practices imposed by the Chinese authorities. For instance, China uses Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAP), which is quite different from International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS). The following points are also highlighted:

    • Value Added Tax (VAT): Has to be calculated on Purchase Invoices & Sales Invoices with corresponding account code
    • VAT Invoices: Has to be linked to the Chinese government’s tax control system
    • Internal Reporting: Financial Reports must be able to work on different accounting principles simultaneously.
    • Systems have to cater to bilingual standards
    • HR system has to follow China’s payroll standards for employees (just like CPF & Tax in Singapore)

(English) The Solution


Yonyou NC6: Seamless China-Singapore Integration for VAT, HR, and Multi-Currency Operations

yonyou erp solution framework

Yonyou ERP Solution Framework

The yonyou NC6 ERP & HRM solution is a multi-language and multi-currency solution that caters to all of the Chinese government’s requirements for Accounting and HR standards. With NC6, VAT and VAT invoices are automated and fulfill the GAP standards. The HRM solution captures an employee’s social security/ID, tax contribution, and report regardless of city/province, as well as standard working hours. These systems for the business located in China are then integrated with existing systems in Singapore, so decision-makers can access important data with ease.


Why Yonyou

  • A complete retail industry suite solution that helps to promote organizational performances.
  • The new era technology which enables customers to adapt to the business change and rapid development.
  • With the trustworthy history, Yonyou is recognized by the public as one of the international industry leaders.