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(English) PT Sany Perkasa:
Case Study for Wholesale Distribution Industry

在这篇文章中,你将了解更多关于PT Sany Perkasa如何使用带有财务, 供应链和客户关系管理(CRM)模块的定制ERP解决方案将其业务数字化。

PT Sany Perkasa

PT Sany Perkasa


PT Sany Perkasa成立于2014年,是印度尼西亚的一个官方分销商,只专注于挖掘机的分销。他们的产品有不同的尺寸和用途,如建筑、采矿、林业、种植业和港口使用。


  • 难以跟踪每个销售人员的日常工作和行动计划
  • 没有售后服务的系统,难以分配和跟踪分配的任务
  • 财务和业务交易是独立的流程,没有联系,所以需要财务团队花更多的时间和人工来匹配记录和业务交易。

解决方案 – 定制的ERP解决方案

PT Sany Perkasa利用U8 ERP解决方案,其中包括财务管理、供应链和客户关系管理(CRM)等基本模块,用于他们的业务。这是为了让他们能够将人工流程数字化,从而提高工作效率、生产力和工作场所的透明度。

  • 采用U8 ERP解决方案后,他们能够记录每个销售人员的日常活动
  • 销售总监和其他主要管理人员也可以直接跟踪销售报告和工单状态报告
  • 工单通过系统进行分配,高效而透明。
  • 财务和供应链系统被整合。通过系统的查询功能,财务团队可以跟踪交易,从而降低企业的财务风险.

(English) Industry

(English) Wholesale Distribution

(English) Region

(English) Southeast Asia

(English) Company Size

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(English) The Challenge


Optimizing Operations: Enhancing Sales Tracking, After-Sales Service, and Financial-Business Integration

  • Difficulty tracking daily work and action plan for each salesperson
  • No system for after-sales service, making it hard to allocate and track tasks assigned
  • Finance and business transactions are independent processes that are not linked, so it requires the finance team more time and manual effort to match records back to business transactions

(English) The Solution


PT Sany Perkasa Boosts Efficiency with U8 ERP: Streamlining Sales, Work Orders, and Financial Integration

PT Sany Perkasa made use of the U8 ERP solution with essential modules such as financial management, supply chain, and customer relationship management (CRM) for their business. This is so they can digitalize manual processes, thus improving efficiency, productivity, and transparency in the workplace. 

  • After adopted the U8 ERP solution, they were able to record each salesperson’s daily activities
  • Sales director and other key management personnel can also track the sales report, and work order status report directly
  • Work orders are allocated through the system, which is efficient and transparent. 
  • Finance and supply chain systems are integrated. Through the system’s query function, the finance team can track transactions, thus reducing financial risks for the business


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