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用友 ERP解决方案支持多层次的数据共享。从不同业务部门收集的信息被整合到一个主文件中,管理员可以为每个用户设置访问权限。会计数据以选择的功能货币进行维护,对于区域业务单位,其价值以当地货币进行维护,并显示汇率。仪表盘和分析也是实时显示的,使决策者很容易做出快速反应。除此之外,该ERP解决方案还有一个开放的API功能,支持与第三方软件的整合。

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Stamford Tyres Streamlines Operations: Enhancing Transparency and Integration in Supply Chain and Financial Systems

As a key distributor of tyres and wheels in the Asia Pacific region, Stamford Tyres is committed to maintaining a transparent operational workflow for all stakeholders. Specifically, within the Supply Chain sector, teams responsible for purchasing, sales, inventory, and inventory accounting require clear insights to balance supply and demand effectively. In the realm of Financial Accounting, it is essential that the Chart of Accounts is customizable, that there is support for various foreign currency exchange rates, and that management has the capability to access detailed financial records. Additionally, any new system adopted must seamlessly integrate with existing systems, ensuring that they complement each other and enhance overall efficiency.

(English) The Solution


Yonyou ERP: Streamlining Data Integration and Real-Time Analytics for Enhanced Business Agility

The Yonyou ERP solution enhances multi-level data sharing and management. It consolidates information across various business units into a unified master file, with administrators empowered to customize user access rights. Accounting data is recorded in the preferred functional currency, while also accommodating local currencies for regional units, complete with updated exchange rates. The system provides dashboards and analytics in real-time, enabling swift and informed decision-making. Moreover, its open API feature facilitates seamless integration with third-party software, extending its functionality and adaptability.


Why Yonyou

  • A complete retail industry suite solution that helps to promote organizational performances.
  • The new era technology which enables customers to adapt to the business change and rapid development.
  • With the trustworthy history, Yonyou is recognized by the public as one of the international industry leaders.