In this article, you will learn more about how digitalizing manual processes got easy for Lih Ming Construction Pte Ltd with yonyou Project Management

Company Profile

Lih Ming - Digitalizing Manual Processes

Lih Ming Corporate Website

Established in 2002, Lih Ming Construction Pte Ltd has successfully operated in Singapore on both small and medium scale construction, with the core being supply and installation projects, focusing on civil engineering, cable, and pipe laying contracting.

Project Background

Lih Ming needed to change their business operations as it started expanding. There were internal and external stakeholders involved; information flow has to be quick and accurate; data needs to be extracted easily. Here are more pain points: 

  • Project documentation is done manually by excel
  • Information is transmitted slowly across departments
  • Projects are documented with a paper trail
  • Unable to work remotely


Solution – Digitalizing Manual Processes

With yonyou’s Construction Project Management platform, Lih Ming was able to efficiently automate the business processes for all stakeholders, and keep important information digitally. Workers on the ground were also able to upload important documents and information via mobile for managers to view. This helped the company become more eco-friendly as they reduced their printing volume.

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