In this article, you will learn more about how Want Want China leveraged on the Yonyou New Retail solution for their multi-region business

Company Profile

Want Want is a well-known brand in Asia. They are also the maker of Wang Zai rice crackers and flavored milk. As a traditional manufacturer and seller of snacks and beverages, Want Want saw the need to transform their business model, reshape brand position, and reach out to the younger generation. Thus, they transformed into a retailer, creating a series of WangZai stores (also known as Wangzai Club) selling exclusive snacks that cannot be purchased elsewhere. In less than 6 months since the first store launch, they have expanded to over 100 stores around China.

Project Background

  • Membership management for online and offline processes are not unified
  • Lack of promotional activities in offline stores and weak customer spending power
  • Operating data of stores in a different region cannot be controlled in real-time
  • Difficult to formulate sales strategy in a timely manner
Yonyou New Retail Road Map

Yonyou New Retail Roadmap


Introduction of Yonyou New Retail solutions – U-Retail, U-Mall, U-Member

  • Easy management of the 4Ps: product, promotion, price, place
  • Ability to view sales, reservations, returns, exchanges for online & store across different regions easily
  • Integrated front, middle and backend systems to ensure unified transmission of data
  • Marketing promotion can be easily replicated regardless of marketing channel
  • Dashboard feature with real-time data to enable decision making
  • Membership management (U-Retail solution) that provides same features/promotions for online/store purchases; trackable

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