In this article, you will learn more about how United Works Pte Ltd uses yonyou Project Management for Construction to keep ahead of project costs. 

Company Profile 

United Works Pte Ltd was incorporated in 2007, specializing in infrastructure, underground civil works, and cable installation services to support the power and telecommunications industry.

Project Background

These are the following pain points faced by United Works in their daily business operations: 

  • Large volume of inventory tracked manually
  • Unable to forecast stock demand
  • Not able to calculate the work done / costs incurred
  • Manpower costs calculated manually
  • Difficulty in tracking deadline for claims submission
  • Inaccurate reporting of project costs

Solution – yonyou Project Management for Construction

Construction Industry Roadmap - Project Management Solution

Construction Industry Roadmap

Instead of having to manually track or record by hand or excel sheet, the yonyou Construction Project Management platform is used to track purchase requisition, material costs, purchase, and delivery orders accurately. It also helps to distribute and record usage of materials, where a reminder can be set to purchase if inventory falls below a preset amount. The BI dashboard also calculates the efficiency level of each project.

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