In this article, you will learn more about how Kunming Dongdong Food used the Yonyou New Retail solution for their multi-region business

Company Profile

Kunming Dongdong Food Limited Company is a premium snacks manufacturer that has evolved into an R&D, production, process, and packaging expert. Their initial strategy was to have a presence on every major e-commerce platform. With the online space becoming more saturated, and costs on an upward trend, Dongdong Food recognized that they have to work on their offline presence too, in order to give consumers a better shopping experience and to increase their market share. Within 2 months of the first store launch, they have expanded to 8 retail outlets in different regions.

Project Background

  • Online channels and retail stores are not integrated
  • Difficult to replicate discounts and promotions eligible in retail stores, in online channels
  • Unable to get real-time data from shops in different regions simultaneously
  • Pricing for certain product segments can be changed up to 4 times a day
  • Tedious to manage a large number of incoming new members from offline and online platforms


Yonyou New Retail Solution

Yonyou New Retail Solution


Introduction of ‘Smart Retail’ solutions – U-Retail, U-Mall, U-Member

  • Cloud-based deployment allows for quick implementation
  • Efficiency is increased as the offline and online channels and fully integrated
  • Solution allows for electronic pricing, making it convenient to do price updates with no errors
  • Ability to view marketing data, push promotions, and target campaigns for different customer segments
  • Manage Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs) effectively
  • Dashboard to view data across regions quickly and in real-time


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