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BDA Group:
Case Study for Manufacturing Industry

About BDA Group

BDA Group is a one-stop retail solutions provider, encompassing a suite of products and services, from retail concept development, visual merchandising, to fixtures and mannequin production, sourcing, program management, and global distribution. In 2020, the group unveiled a 20,000 sqm facility in Yangjiang that integrates manufacturing, production, and warehousing capabilities for greater efficiency. 






Singapore, SEA

Company Size


The Challenge

BDA Group Seeks Enhanced System for Accurate Data Translation and Streamlined Operations

BDA Group, operating in both China and Singapore, needs a system capable of efficiently and accurately translating accounting and operational data between Chinese and English. The company faces discrepancies between sales orders and accounts receivable, as well as manual entry of material requirements—processes that are not only time-consuming but also susceptible to human error. They require a solution that streamlines these tasks and enhances accuracy, reducing the burden on their workforce.

The Solution

Yonyou ERP Enhances Efficiency with Multilingual Support and Automated Material Management

The Yonyou ERP system addresses these challenges by offering multi-language support, ensuring seamless translation and communication. It integrates the Accounts Receivable (AR) and Sales Management modules to enable real-time tracking of order payments and includes an alert feature for outstanding invoices. Additionally, the system automates material requirements generation once sales orders are entered, significantly reducing the risk of errors associated with manual data entry and enhancing overall operational efficiency.

Why Yonyou

  • A complete retail industry suite solution that helps to promote organizational performances.
  • The new era technology which enables customers to adapt to the business change and rapid development.
  • With the trustworthy history, Yonyou is recognized by the public as one of the international industry leaders.

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