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Bank of Communications:
Case Study for Financial Services Industry

About Bank of Communications

Founded in 1908, Bank of Communications is one of the note-issuing banks with the longest history in modern China. It is the first nationwide state-owned joint-stock commercial bank in China, with Head Office located in Shanghai. The Bank’s business scope includes commercial banking, securities, offshore financial services, fund management, trust, financial leasing, insurance, offshore securities, debt-for-equity swaps, and asset management. 



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The Challenge

Bank of Communications Targets Global Expansion: Seeks Solution for Scalability and Data Management Issues

Project Background: As the Bank of Communications sought to broaden its global presence, it identified significant scalability issues with its current operations, largely due to extensive manual data entry. The risk of compromised data accuracy and hygiene loomed, with a lack of real-time information transmission across business units and stakeholders. Additionally, the use of non-standardized, hardcopy forms led to inconsistencies and potential misplacement during transfers. This presented challenges in maintaining organized, standardized records and adhering to uniform SOPs across various city branches. The bank recognized the need for a streamlined, digital solution to address these operational inefficiencies.

The Solution

Yonyou Solution Transforms BoCom Operations: Standardizing and Digitizing for Unified Business Management

The Yonyou Business Process Management solution, formerly known as Office Automation, revolutionized tracking and monitoring of business processes through web and mobile platforms. It facilitated the Bank of Communications’ transition to standardized, digitized forms across all units, ensuring data was consolidated into a single, unified database. Additionally, it provided the management team with the capability to customize system access rights, enhancing control and security. This transformation led to more streamlined, efficient, and secure operations.

Why Yonyou

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