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Project Management

Asset Management

Asset Management is a comprehensive module designed to match with the construction industry for its strict requirement for inventory control. Inventory profiles are established for various kinds of assets defined in the material listing, tracking down the whole life cycle of ones from being purchased, rented, transferred, and maintained until being disposed of. The status of assets for every project will be visible and trackable for the entire project team other than just storemen, which contributes to better resource allocation and further maximization of asset usage and minimization of the project cost.

To achieve communication between external groups and internal groups, the platform is also able to provide external personnel portals for relevant parties such as suppliers when involved in asset purchase or rental process, to achieve internal and external communication. Without information opacity and burdensome paperwork, stakeholders will be able to access the platform from either pc in office or mobile on-site, to have a clear view of assets list for each project and detailed purchase or maintenance history for each asset.


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