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Yonyou Singapore was Invited to Attend Global Digital Economy Conference 2023


  [Global Digital Economy Conference 2023]

Global Digital Economy Conference 2023(Singapore Session) was held on June 8th at the Capella Hotel in Sentosa, Singapore. Under the theme “Collaborate and Innovate Together in the Digital Economy’s Blue Ocean”, the conference aimed to explore cooperative opportunities in the forefront of the digital economy, following the comprehensive and forward-looking partnership between China and Singapore. The event unleashed stronger growth momentum for the digital economy, propelling regional digital economic cooperation into a new stage of mutual benefit and win-win outcomes.




The forum was hosted by Ms. You Jing, director of Information and Software Services Division, Beijing Municipal Bureau of Economy and Information Technology. The opening remarks were delivered by Mr Ian Mak, ACEO of International. International Group, Infocomm Media Development Authority , Mr. Wang Jianwei, director of Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of China, and Mr. Wang Lei, deputy director of Beijing Municipal Bureau of Economic and Information Technology. They emphasized the milestone significance of the Global Digital Economy Conference and recognized the development prospects and tremendous opportunities in the field of digital economy. They also encouraged businesses from China and Singapore to strengthen cooperation and seize development opportunities.

Subsequently, experts and corporate representatives, including Mr Yan Shuicheng, Fellow Singapore Academy of Engineering, delivered speeches on topics such as basic models in the digital economy, digital governance, information security, trade digitalization, and the Southeast Asian entrepreneurial ecosystem, sharing their professional insights and business practices with the attendees.

  [Speech by Howard Chen, Managing Director of Yonyou Singapore]

Mr. Howard Chen, Managing Director of Yonyou Singapore, was invited to give a speech on the theme “China-Singapore Digital Economy Practice Yonyou helps with enterprises’ digital transformation”. Based on Yonyou Singapore’s development journey and practical experiences, Mr. Chen showcased cases of intelligent transformation for international businesses and provided an outlook on Yonyou’s global development direction.

Firstly, Mr. Chen reviewed Yonyou’s development journey, driven by the mission of “promoting business and social progress through innovation and technology”, over the past 35 years, Yonyou Group has become a global leader in enterprise cloud services and software providers. Yonyou’s overseas business has also flourished over the past 20 years, providing enterprise management software and cloud services to over 1,000 overseas enterprises. In the Singapore market, Yonyou Singapore has developed in Southeast Asia for 14 years, providing high-quality services to clients in various industries and our service teams have been deployed in neighboring countries as well.

[Speech by Howard Chen, Managing Director of Yonyou Singapore]

During the speech, Mr. Chen focused on sharing practical cases of intelligent transformation for global enterprises. He elaborated on digitalization solutions in industries such as construction, manufacturing, network infrastructure, retail, and jewelry. From project objectives and implementation plans to core values, he demonstrated the significance of digital transformation in effectively integrating enterprise resources, improving management efficiency, and driving global business development. These insights hold important practical value for domestic enterprises expanding into global markets, deploying international cooperation, and going further abroad.


Finally, Mr. Chen provided a comprehensive explanation and introduction of Yonyou’s international development strategy. Based on the Yonyou BIP product, the Yonyou Globalization 2.0 development strategy aims to craft a globally oriented enterprise management solution that excels in technology, domains, and ecosystems. It currently represents the most extensive range of enterprise applications worldwide. In addition, Yonyou will continue to deepen its business in Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan, and Southeast Asia through localized global services. It will also expand its presence in Europe, the Americas, Japan, and the Middle East, realizing the vision of development from Asia-Pacific to global.



The Digital Economy Summit has established an important platform for inclusive, balanced, coordinated, and mutually beneficial exchanges between China and Singapore. Yonyou is fortunate to participate in this grand event, which has deepened our understanding of the current state and future opportunities in the field of digital economy. We feel a strong sense of responsibility and mission. In the future, we will continue to uphold the concept of open cooperation, dedicate ourselves to promoting the prosperity and development of the digital economy, and provide innovative solutions and comprehensive support to enterprises.


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