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Remote Working Solution – YouZone


The yonyou YouZone – Mobile Office and Virtual Meeting Solution is a one-stop solution for enterprises that would like to automate office processes. It allows for smart collaboration between departments, empowers employees with knowledge, and creates a dynamic work environment. 

It is able to integrate with any existing ERP solutions, providing collaborative work, e-form, digital approval flow management, document management, employee performance management, meeting arrangement and more. Suitable for enterprises of all sizes. 


  • Allows Real Time Communication

    Choose different modes of communication: Video Conferencing, Webinar, Instant Messaging, Email Threads

  • Design Unique Login Page

    Customize a unique login page the way you like it

  • Analyze Data Graphics

    Extract data across platform and generate intelligent reports for decision making

  • Documentation Management

    Share, categorize and retrieve documents easily, and to dedicated team members if needed

  • Mobile Office

    Available via mobile and desktop, in Android and IOS system.

John Loh
General Manager

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