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Youhuhui 友户会: Yonyou’s Annual Customer Appreciation Day, showcasing new technologies with partners from OCBC Bank & Staple AI

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On November 10th, 2023, Yonyou, a leading global provider of enterprise software solutions, hosted its annual customer appreciation day, aptly named Youhuhui 友户会. The event, held at the Suntec Exhibition and Convention Centre in Singapore, served as a testament to Yonyou’s commitment to its valued customers and its dedication to fostering meaningful connections within the industry.  

Seminar Highlights Video

The event commenced at 3:30 PM with an insightful seminar, providing attendees with a comprehensive overview of Yonyou’s company mission, globalization efforts, and the latest advancements in its software solutions. Esteemed speakers graced the occasion, including Howard Chen, managing director of Yonyou Southeast Asia; Neil Lin, regional sales director of Yonyou Southeast Asia and general manager of Yonyou Germany; Tony Chen, head of development Yonyou Southeast Asia; and Charles Wang, Project Manager Yonyou Southeast Asia. Their presentations delved into Yonyou’s low-code platform, business intelligent platform, and localization efforts, showcasing the company’s unwavering commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction.

Howard Chen, Managing Director, Yonyou Southeast Asia

This seminar also featured two guest speakers from OCBC Bank and Staple AI. OCBC’s Managing Director, Lim Chiang Fong, shared insights on technologies that enable seamless connections between company enterprise software platforms and banks with OCBC’s One Connect Series. Staple AI’s leaders Boon Thai Hot and Josh Kettlewell demonstrated Staple AI’s deep-learning OCR optical character recognition abilities. They highlighted how, when implemented in enterprise systems, companies can easily import invoice and receipt data efficiently, without any formatting restrictions.Lim Chiang Fong, Managing Director, OCBC Bank

Boon Thai Hoh, Chief Revenue Officer & Josh Kettlewell, Chief Technology Officer, Staple AI

As the seminar drew to a close, the evening transitioned into a delightful dinner event, where guests reveled in a vibrant atmosphere of camaraderie and networking. The air was filled with anticipation as the lucky draw commenced, with fortunate attendees walking away with exciting prizes. To further enrich the evening, Bruce Xu, delivered a captivating presentation, providing valuable insights and strategies for businesses seeking to expand their reach into Indonesia. 

Throughout the event, representatives from a diverse range of industries, including J&T Express, Huawei, and Kino Biotech, were in attendance. Their presence underscored Yonyou’s extensive clientele and its impact across various sectors. The positive feedback from attendees was unanimous, reflecting their appreciation for the opportunity to learn about Yonyou’s offerings, engage in meaningful networking, and forge stronger connections within the industry.

In conclusion, Yonyou’s Youhuhui proved to be a resounding success. It served as a platform for customer appreciation, knowledge sharing, and industry collaboration. The event showcased Yonyou’s dedication to its customers, its commitment to innovation, and its position as a leading provider of enterprise software solutions. As the echoes of laughter and conversation faded, the spirit of Youhuhui lingered, solidifying Yonyou’s reputation as a company that values its customers and is committed to their success.


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