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yonyou launches Business Innovation Platform (YonBIP): leading the transformation from ERP to BIP

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On August 6 2020, the Business Innovation Conference hosted by Yonyou was grandly held in Hengqin, Zhuhai. At the conference, yonyou joined hands with China Association for Public Companies (CAPCO), Huawei, Renmin University Business School, IDC Consulting, FAW Group, Country Garden, Xiangxue Pharmaceutical and more than 3,000 representatives of customers, partners, media, consulting institutions, investment institutions, and association organizations witnessed the launch of YonBIP (Business Innovation Platform).

As the core products and services of yonyou 3.0, YonBIP will support and run the business innovation of enterprises and public organizations. The release of YonBIP marks the next stage of the implementation of yonyou’s 3.0 strategy. Cloud services have been upgraded from a product service model to a platform service model. yonyou leads the transformation from ERP to BIP, bringing another level of technology-driven business revolution.

Realizing business innovation through digitalization is the way for today’s enterprises to develop and survive

Currently, the software industry leading by cloud services is a key force of new round of technological revolution and industrial transformation. In recent years, cloud services have been integrated into the mobile Internet, cloud computing, big data, artificial intelligence, 5G and Internet of Things, blockchain and other new generation information and communication technologies, driving all enterprises into a new stage of digitization and intelligence.

In order to respond more quickly to customer needs and industrial development, improve organizational efficiency, manage various risks, and improve competitiveness, enterprises of different industries and sizes have already participated in or ready to apply new technology to carry out business innovation, including product and business innovation, organizational and management changes. It is hoped to reshape the viability and development of the enterprises, and to stand in the tide of the new wave of change.

From ERP to BIP: enterprises call for Business Innovation Platform

Wang Wenjing, chairman of yonyou Network Technology Co. Ltd., pointed out that when enterprises carry out business innovation through digitalization and intelligence, they must break through the barriers of technology, business, and cost, and look for a platform that can facilitate business innovation. The Business Innovation Platform (BIP) is a comprehensive service platform that uses the new generation of technologies to realize enterprise product and business innovation, organizational and managerial changes.
BIP includes two important elements, which are technical services as well as public commercial applications and business services. The two are integrated to support enterprise business innovation. Because of the combination of public and key services of technology and business, enterprises, related organizations and individuals on the platform can carry out business innovation on demand, anytime, and anywhere, making business innovation break through the barriers of technology and business. BIP adopts a new generation of IT architecture, which reduces the cost of enterprise IT deployment, application and operation, making business innovation simple, convenient, popular and social.

The previous stage of the application of information technology in enterprises was ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning System), and the key value to the enterprise was “optimization of business process and efficiency improvement.” The enterprise is entering a new stage of digitalization and intelligence, that is BIP, and the key value it brings to the enterprise is “commercial innovation and reconstruction of development capacity.” BIP is another level of business revolution driven by technology.

BIP is developing rapidly in the world and China, and will create huge economic and social value, including promoting business progress, promoting high-quality economic development, and creating new job opportunities.

YonBIP makes business innovation simple and convenient

With 31 years of excellence in enterprise services, yonyou is now recognised as a leading enterprise management software, solutions and cloud service provider in China and the Asia Pacific region. yonyou’s business innovation platform, YonBIP, is a strategic product and service of yonyou 3.0 . With the characteristics of digitalization, intelligence, flexibility, security, socialization, globalization, platform, and ecology, it will support and run the business innovation of enterprises and public organizations in a convenient way.

YonBIP is developed base on mobile Internet, big data, cloud computing, artificial intelligence, Internet of Things, 5G, and blockchain. It adopts cloud native, microservices, and platform in accordance with the idea of ​​openness and ecology. It provides marketing, procurement, manufacturing, supply chain, finance, human resources, collaboration and other core areas cloud services. Besides, yonuou has continuously cooperated with ecological partners to serve more segmented fields and industry.

YonBIP supports low-code development platform. YonBuilder is oriented to the entire ecosystem including ISV development, localized development, enterprise self-built, and individual developers. It provides visual development capabilities without code and low code, and combines development asset, to achieve fast and simple application construction. In the future, enterprise business innovation will face a more complex IT environment, such as multi-cloud, multi-terminal, etc. YonBIP integrated different platforms’ API link, which can connect any application, data, and equipment in public cloud, hybrid cloud, and private cloud environments to achieve low-cost, fast, and convenient application connection and integration. At the same time, it can easily connect enterprise applications in production, supply, fully assist business innovation.

Service architecture overview of YonBIP

YonBIP builds a co-creation platform for the enterprise service industry

YonBIP is a platform, but also an ecology. The business strategy of YonBIP cloud ecology is full life cycle ISV services and online operations, building a world-leading enterprise service industry co-creation platform, and working with partners to serve enterprise customers.

At present, the number of partners in the yonyou cloud market has exceeded 7,000, and the number of products and services has exceeded 11,000. YonBIP’s ecology will be deeper and more extensive, and its social collaboration capabilities will be stronger. In the future, 100,000 ecological partners and hundreds of millions of community individuals will be gathered to serve more than tens of millions of corporate customers and create value for customers that cannot be achieved by a single organization.

In the new era of digital economy, digitalization and intelligence are accelerating to change the business world, and China’s digitalization innovation will be at the forefron. YonBIP builds and operates the world’s leading business innovation platform to make business innovation simple, convenient, popular, and social, and win the new era of digital intelligence business with corporate customers and industrial partners.

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