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YonSuite: The Perfect Fit for Stamford Tyres’ Digital Journey

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In the new wave of the global digital economy, YonSuite‘s world-leading integrated, full-scenario SaaS service has become the first choice for many enterprises in their digital transformation. YonSuite’s influence is particularly significant in forward-looking countries like Singapore. As Asia’s digital transformation leader selected by the Economist Intelligence Unit, Singapore has implemented the ‘Smart Nation 2015’ development plan since 2006 and further upgraded to ‘Smart Nation 2025’ in 2014. This demonstrates the country’s strong commitment to digitalization and its recognition of YonSuite’s value in driving this transformation.

Leveraging its leadership in global enterprise digital transformation, Yonyou established a strong presence in Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, and other Southeast Asian nations since 2003. This foothold has been instrumental in driving digital transformation for over 40 countries and regions worldwide. Yonyou’s strength lies in its innovative YonSuite SaaS public cloud subscription model, perfectly tailored to enterprises seeking flexibility and scalability during digital and intelligent transformation.

YonSuite: The Perfect Fit for Stamford Tyres’ Digital Journey

Stamford Tyres, established in 1930, has become a Southeast Asian powerhouse in the tire and wheel industry. Its reach extends beyond Southeast Asia, encompassing Africa and North Asia as well. The company’s core business revolves around retail and distribution of tires and wheels, but its repertoire also includes design and contract manufacturing of independent tire brands, tire retreading, equipment trading, vehicle repair, manufacturing and sale of aluminium alloy wheels.

Since 1930, Stamford Tyres has grown from a regional distributor to a global force, boasting its own wheel factory and serving over 90 countries. Beyond its 80-year heritage, the company operates 18 direct-to-consumer retail stores in Singapore, catering to both individual and corporate customers. These stores accept pre-orders and offer a comprehensive range of repair services, including tire replacements, repairs, and vehicle maintenance.

As Stamford Tyres’ retail network flourished, they saw the critical need for a unified “retail services” platform. Their staff, previously burdened by juggling multiple disconnected systems, faced challenges with operational efficiency and data accuracy. To streamline workflows, eliminate redundant logins, and streamline billing at their retail stores, Stamford Tyres sought a single, integrated solution. This solution would not only bridge data gaps between siloed systems but also unlock new potential like online quotation management and promotion management. The system’s automated business reports would fuel data-driven analysis and empower better decision-making, ultimately propelling Stamford Tyres’ overall marketing intelligence to new heights.

Driven by ambitious digital intelligence goals, Stamford Tyres made a strategic move in 2022, selecting YonSuite as its digital intelligence platform. This international powerhouse, a titan in the tire and wheel industry across Southeast Asia, Africa, and North Asia, embarked on its digital and intelligent transformation journey, partnering with YonSuite for a cloud-based solution.

Stamford Tyres YonSuite Solution Architecture

Stamford Tyres Project Plan: Streamlining Operations & Embracing Digital Intelligence

1. Simplify and Empower: Streamlined Operations, Intuitive UI

YonSuite cuts through cumbersome processes, boosting efficiency. Say goodbye to complex procedures and hello to seamless workflows. Completing tasks is faster and easier, saving time and reducing errors.
Intuitive interface for everyone. YonSuite’s user-friendly design minimizes training needs and empowers your team. Operators of all skill levels can navigate with ease, maximizing work efficiency.

2. Integrate and Conquer: Unified Systems, Real-time Data

No more siloed data islands. YonSuite bridges the gap between multiple systems, creating a single source of truth. Data flows seamlessly across departments, ensuring consistency and accuracy in real-time.
Say goodbye to scattered information. YonSuite consolidates your data into one central hub, eliminating redundancy and wasted time searching for missing pieces.

3. Optimize and Automate: Online & Automated Sales Engine

Effortless quoting and promotions. YonSuite streamlines your sales process with online quote management and promotion tools. Manage product offerings, set campaigns, and publish instantly – all within one platform.
Boost sales and satisfaction. Automate repetitive tasks and free up your team to focus on personalized customer service. Faster online responses and automatic follow-ups lead to happier customers and higher sales.

4. Analyze and Decide: Data-driven Insights, Elevated Intelligence

YonSuite puts the power of data analysis at your fingertips. Easily generate comprehensive business reports and gain valuable insights into customer behavior, sales trends, and overall performance.
Informed decisions made easy. YonSuite’s data-driven approach empowers your leaders to make strategic decisions with confidence, ultimately boosting your marketing intelligence and effectiveness.

After rigorous testing, YonSuite’s launch has been a game-changer for Stamford Tyres, boosting management efficiency across the board. Billing is now a breeze, customer quotes are managed online effortlessly, and sales data seamlessly integrates with industry and financial systems. The ordering portal empowers setting exclusive prices and promotions, while the mobile member center handles reservation requests in a flash, creating a unified online and offline experience.

In late September 2023, Yonyou Network Technology’s Senior Vice President, Xu Yang, visited Stamford Tyres’ Singapore HQ for in-depth discussions with Stamford Tyres Corporation Limited’s CEO Conson Tiu Sia. Xu Yang highlighted Yonyou’s bold vision: evolving from “Globalization 1.0” in the Asia-Pacific to “Globalization 2.0” on a global stage. He reiterated their unwavering commitment to supporting Stamford Tyres’ digital and intelligent transformation journey, fueling their continued business growth.

Group Photo – Stamford Tyres & Yonyou Singapore

Yonyou’s YonSuite: The First Choice for Global Business Operations

Digitalization, greening, and globalization are shaping the future of enterprise development. Going global and conquering international markets has become a crucial strategy for domestic and foreign companies alike. For Chinese firms, it’s not just about market expansion, but also about navigating a new set of challenges.

YonSuite’s flexible, scalable, and all-encompassing SaaS services have emerged as a key partner in this process, empowering businesses to thrive in the global arena. Its innovative public cloud subscription model delivers both personalized service experiences and a massive boost to collaboration and management efficiency across borders.

From Singapore-listed Stamford Tyres to other global leaders, businesses are choosing YonSuite as their strategic upgrade partner for launching global operations. This trend not only validates YonSuite’s market leadership but also signals a paradigm shift in global enterprise management.

Note: Stamford Tyres International Pte Ltd (Stamford Tyres Corporation Ltd, SGX: S29), a Singaporean tire industry giant, was first listed on the Singapore Exchange GEM (predecessor to Catalist) on September 5, 1991. In April 2003, it migrated to the main board.


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