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The First Youhuhui was Successfully Held in Singapore


[Group Photo of Yonyou Singapore team member and clients]

Yonyou Youhuhui 2022 was successfully held in Singapore. This time, Yonyou Singarepore was honored to invite clients from Singapore to gather again to witness the excellent achievements of Yonyou Singapore.

Thematic Sessions: Friends of Users

[Mr.Howard Chen, Managing Director of Yonyou Singapore]

At the beginning of the conference, Mr. Howard Chen, Managing Director of Yonyou Singapore, delivered a welcome speech for the Youhuhui.  On behalf of  Yonyou Singapore, he welcomed the guests and expressed his sincere gratitude for their continuous support and trust in Yonyou Singapore. At the same time, Mr. Howard Chen said that Yonyou Singapore will adhere to the original intention of “friends of users” and serve the development of enterprises, connect the resources and needs of Yonyou’s users on the basis of digitalization, and realize the exchange and learning, common growth and win-win among the users. In addition, Yonyou Singapore will also focus on the transformation of enterprise digital intelligence, working on promoting Chinese enterprises along the Belt and Road and Southeast Asian enterprises to the world through business in China, and strive to become a top 10 enterprise digital provider and cloud service provider in Singapore.

[Mr.Jacky Shi, Director of Implementation of Yonyou Singapore]

The conference started with Mr. Jacky Shi, Director of Implementation, opening the 2022 Yonyou’s Product Development – Finance chapter, where Yonyou Digital Intelligence solutions will always accompany enterprises.

[Albert Yin, Senior Partner Development Manager at Huawei Cloud Singapore]

A company cannot grow without the support of its partners. This conference also invited Huawei, a partner of Yonyou, to share the latest topic on “Huawei Cloud Singapore” by Albert Yin, Huawei Cloud Partner Development Manager.



This was followed by presentations from various department directors and representatives in Yonyou Singapore. Besides, Yonyou Singapore has invited Mr Lai Wei Bing, Deputy Director of Digitalisation and Transformation at the Singapore Business Federation (SBF), to share about InvoiceNow. It is the nationwide e-invoicing network currently being implemented by the Infocomm Media Development Authority (IMDA) in Singapore, which facilitates the direct transmission of invoices in a structured digital format in the financial system. 

The digital transformation is inevitably accompanied by iterations and upgrades of the platform to cope with the complex and changing business environment. Stone Forest is one of the largest accounting and consulting groups in Singapore outside of the Big Four accounting firms. They provide a comprehensive suite of business solutions to support your business growth in Singapore and globally. Taking this opportunity, Stone Forest then also shared about the CTO-As-a-Service, a service undertaken by Singapore to drive digital development, with the main objective of helping to simplify, digitise and manage effectively business functions for Small and Medium sized Enterprises (SMEs).

Keep Up With The Times


The conference was full of insightful information, providing new trends, practices and ideas on digital transformation between the clients and partners. The participants expressed that Yonyou was the right choice for them and that they can feel Yonyou’s sincerity and dedication. In the future, Yonyou Singapore will continue to uphold the core value of “Innovating beyond the business”, provide better services to clients, empower enterprises with digital intelligence, and help enterprises achieve continuous high growth through intelligent services.

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