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Techmind 2023: Yonyou Shares Latest Business Technologies in Indonesia

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Techmind 2023, a technology conference held in Jakarta on October 4-5, 2023, was attended by Yonyou, along with other big companies such as Alibaba Cloud, Odoo, Icion, and Pagii. The conference covered a wide range of topics, including automation, data privacy, data regulations, digital transformation, and security.

Techmind 2023 Conference Event Banner

As the biggest ERP and business transformation solution provider in the Asia-Pacific region, we shared with attendees the new technologies available to streamline and automate business processes. We also learned from many industry experts in the data privacy and cybersecurity areas.

Yonyou’s Exhibition Booth at Techmind 2023 Conference

Yonyou is helping Indonesian enterprises to digitally transform their businesses by streamlining their business processes. This means automating manual tasks, eliminating inefficiencies, and improving the flow of information throughout the organization. Yonyou’s digital transformation solutions can help Indonesian enterprises to improve their efficiency and productivity, reduce their costs, and make better decisions.

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