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Singapore Chinese Chamber of Commerce & Industry visited Beijing Yonyou Digital Intelligence Enterprise Experience Center


Recently, a business delegation from the Singapore Chinese Chamber of Commerce & Industry (SCCCI) visited Beijing Yonyou Data Intelligence Enterprise Experience Center. Founded in 1906, the Singapore Chinese Chamber of Commerce & Industry (SCCCI) has always been committed to providing a variety of communication platforms for its more than 160 business group members and nearly 5,000 business members to share resources and business opportunities, and to jointly build an influential network of Chinese businessmen in the world for economic and trade, education, culture and social development.

[Business delegation of the SCCCI]

More than 20 members of the visiting delegation included Kho Choon Keng (President of the SCCCI), Ang Kiam Meng (Chairman of the Technology Committee of the SCCCI), Edward Ang Boon Cheow (Chairman of the International Affairs Committee of the SCCCI), Patrick Ng Bee Soon (Chairman of the Industry Committee of the SCCCI), Tew Koon Huat (Vice-Chairman of the Property Management Committee of the SCCCI) and other council members, as well as high-level corporate representatives from members of the SCCCI in different industries.

As a comprehensive, integrated, and ecological experience center for digital smart enterprises, Yonyou Digital Smart Enterprise Experience Center showed the delegation the core business scenarios of digital smart companies such as marketing, procurement, manufacturing, finance, human resources, and collaboration. Combined with intelligent solutions for industries such as digital finance, construction, energy, catering, medical care, education, government affairs, small and micro enterprises, interprets the digital and intelligent operation and management model of enterprises, and opens a window to explore digital and intelligent enterprises.

[Yonyou Digital Intelligence Enterprise Experience Center]

Section 1: Digital Finance

Based on the event-based accounting theory, and with intelligent finance as the core concepts, Yonyou has built a new generation of financial system integrating financial accounting, management accounting, shared services, corporate performance, security services, cost control services, financial management, tax services, and electronic accounting files. And it has created a real-time, intelligent, detailed, multi-dimensional, visual, and ecological digital intelligence financial cloud service platform for global leading enterprises.

Section 2: Smart Marketing

Realizing marketing transformation and innovative transformation and development with the help of an integrated digital management platform is the endogenous driving force for the future development of the FMCG industry and an inevitable choice for the high-quality development of retail enterprises. Marketing Cloud is committed to providing a one-stop service for the transformation of digital and intelligent marketing of enterprises for digital and intelligent management of all channels, all links, and the whole process of marketing, connecting end-to-end, realizing the capitalization of stock business data. Using data services and models to support the improvement of marketing capabilities to drive marketing to promote new products, adjust structure, increase sales, create incremental revenue, increase revenue and reduce expenditure, and build an ecological and innovative business model for marketing capabilities.

Section 3: Digital HR

The digital HR exhibition area is designed for the purpose of experience, immersion, and interaction, showing the delegation with seven business scenarios “full view of digital manpower”, “Yonyou Dayi cloud recruitment”, “excellent employee service, intelligent manpower operation, agile organizational decision-making”, “interactive experience zone” “, “Ecological Partner Zone”, “Customer Testimonials”, and “Best Practices in Digital Human Resources”.

Through the on-site vivid explanation and immersive experience, the business delegation of the SCCCI had a more detailed understanding of the achievements of Yonyou in promoting the digital transformation of enterprises, and had a deeper understanding of the value brought by the digital transformation of enterprises to the social economy.

[The lecturer introducing to the members of the delegation]

In the future, Yonyou will continue to actively integrate into the practice of digital and intelligent transformation in various industries. Use mature products and services and rich practical experience to help enterprises from Singapore to complete digital and intelligent transformation, and help Singapore enterprises for the smooth landing of business overseas in China. Driven by contemporary information technology, Yonyou business innovation platform will create more value for social economy and business innovation in the future.


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