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Seminar Recap: Implementing AI and Digitizing Processes for a Sustainable Construction Future

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On November 7, 2023, Yonyou Singapore, in collaboration with the Singapore Business Federation, hosted a successful seminar on implementing artificial intelligence and digital processes to create a sustainable future for the construction industry.

The seminar showcased the latest digital construction project tools and their applications, and delved into key topics such as artificial intelligence-driven advanced technologies.

Kristin Li, Senior Consultant of Yonyou Southeast Asia

Kristin Li, Senior Consultant of Yonyou Southeast Asia, opened the seminar by presenting on the development trends and current challenges of construction project management. She provided an in-depth analysis of current construction industry trends in both the international market and Singapore. She emphasized the potential of AI-driven platforms to streamline project lifecycles, enhance collaboration, and provide real-time insights for revenue optimization and cost monitoring.

Kristin Li, Senior Consultant of Yonyou Southeast Asia

Next, construction industry consultant Kelvin shared a series of prefabricated digital solutions and practical cases, demonstrating how automated prefabricated plant management and quality control measures can improve work efficiency and accuracy, optimize work processes, and minimize errors.

Kelvin Lee, Construction Industry Consultant of Yonyou Southeast Asia

Mr. Luo Jian, AVP of Chip Eng Seng (CES), a customer and user of Yonyou’s Office Automation tailored for the construction industry, explained the key success factors of the IDD platform and outlined the four key steps of digital transformation: enhancing professional capabilities, optimizing and improving platform functions, leveraging digital tools for decision-making, and employing artificial intelligence to enhance decision-making efficiency. For each step, he provided detailed examples of how digital intelligence transformation facilitates work during the actual application process and offered constructive suggestions for subsequent platform upgrades.

Mr. Luo Jian, AVP, Chip Eng Seng (CES)

Shawn Phua, Manager of Advocacy & Policy Division, Singapore Business Federation, showcased the capabilities of e-invoicing integration and an AI-driven e-invoicing solution that streamlines financial transactions, reduces paperwork, enhances transparency, and improves overall financial management of construction projects.

Shawn Phua, Manager of Advocacy & Policy Division, Singapore Business Federation

This seminar provided a valuable platform for Yonyou and companies in the construction industry to engage in dialogue and exchange knowledge. It not only provided valuable insights for the digital transformation and development of construction companies in Singapore but also offered a glimpse into innovative digitalization and effective solutions for addressing critical industry issues.

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