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[PRESS RELEASE] Yonyou Keeps Eyeing Global Footprint Expansion


SINGAPORE, April, 2023 /PRNewswire/Recently, Mr Howard Chen, the Managing Director of Yonyou (Singapore) Private Limited, stated in an exclusive interview with XINHUANET that Yonyou has accumulated management models and experience in Singapore and has advantages in “going global”, especially under the framework of Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership Agreement (RCEP), Yonyou has opportunities, advantages and challenges. 

Yonyou, was founded in 1988 and is now recognized as a leading enterprise management software, solutions, and cloud service provider in China and the Asia Pacific region, has more than 230 branches worldwide. In the process of digital and intelligent development, in addition to having already laid out the Southeast Asian region, Yonyou is now planning to enter the European market, in an effort to become a top three global enterprise management cloud service provider.

“In 2009, Yonyou entered Singapore and gradually opened up the Southeast Asian market. At present, more than 500 customers have been accumulated. Yonyou has entered a period of market stability in Southeast Asia, and more and more customers have a better awareness and recognition of Chinese software products.” Mr Howard Chen said.

When talking about the advantages of “products going abroad”, Mr Howard Chen said, “In terms of the product dimension, we have applied the Chinese management model to the Southeast Asian market, which has improved the competitiveness of our products. Additionally, in the cultural dimension, we uphold the philosophy of ‘user’s friend, continuous innovation and professionalism’.”

Howard also mentioned that in the process of expanding in overseas markets, Yonyou has caught the trend of data. He believes that talent, culture and entry requirements for all parties are the current challenges. “We have to accept different cultures with an embracing attitude, and also embrace this market with a ‘user’s friend’ mentality.”

Mr Howard Chen said “having listened to many industry leaders share at the conference, I learned a lot of methods and strategies involving new fields and look forward to finding more opportunities for win-win cooperation, so that Yonyou will keep eyeing global footprint expansion.” He praised the conference for creating a great atmosphere for international cooperation, where people can share and gradually reach consensus, which is important for companies to grow globally. 

SOURCE:  XINHUANET News Artical, XINHUANET interview

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