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[PRESS RELEASE] Huawei Partners Industry Players to Transform Digital Retail And Enhance Customer Experiences


SINGAPOREOct. 22, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — On a mission to breathe new life into the recovering and revamped industry of retail, HUAWEI CLOUD has partnered with international industry players USEA Global, Advocado, 4Paradigm, and YonYou under the Smart Retail 360 initiative to drive digital transformation efforts of brick-and-mortar retail stores in Singapore.

Since the Covid-19 pandemic, retail brands have witnessed various challenges in meeting customer needs and grew to understand the importance of developing strong offline to online conversion strategies to not only survive, but also grow. Brands have cited a disconnect in functions of essential segments, such as the lack of automated data and poor, inefficient communication between front-end and back-end operations. To tackle these retail challenges, this collaboration aims to boost the digital transformation of local retail stores and enhance customer experiences through the partners’ readily available solution options and technologies.

The driving force behind the initiative, USEA Global, focuses on the customer centric element of the retail experience. USEA Global, a subsidiary of USEN-Next Holdings and industry leader in sensory marketing, boasts primary foothold in research-based background music. This allows for intelligent customisation of sensory elements such as in-store music through real-time data analysis such as store traffic and shopping patterns to tailor ambiences to suit customer temperament.

To help organize and automate data efficiently, retailers on Advocado’s CRM platform enjoy data-driven and intelligent customer experience solutions, enabled by 4Paradigm’s AI and machine learning systems. 4Paradigm’s fully automated, integrated customer data and AI services will reduce customer acquisition costs and increase total customer lifetime value for brands involved.

Similarly, Yonyou’s innovative cloud-ERP solution automates a company’s business and operations life cycle through cutting-edge digital technology to create an all-in-one enterprise management platform, integrating a company’s financials, supply chain, operations, reporting, and human resource activities with ease. Together, these solutions form a “conversation” between functions, allowing for visibility and collaborative communication to produce the best outcomes to aid a customer’s shopping experience, from their senses to their mobile devices.

HUAWEI CLOUD is also cooperating with industry-leading partners to develop different smart retail solutions for building both omni-channel online and offline solutions, integrating retail applications with big data, AI, and cloud services.

“As we continue to grow and thrive in an increasingly digital world, we must help brick-and mortar businesses adapt and reinvent themselves to continue staying relevant to their audiences in the digital era. With the retail industry constantly evolving, Huawei is excited together with our partners to drive innovation, engage with customers, and empower local small business and SMEs in shaping the new retail industry,” says Nicole Lu, Vice President, HUAWEI CLOUD APAC Partner Ecosystem.

Jerry Chen, Managing Director of USEA GLOBAL echoed the above by emphasising that the Smart Retail 360 initiative had the potential to serve as a revolutionary sandbox allowing for retail players to participate in multiple proof of concepts, subsequently launching Singapore into a budding hub for the provision of intelligent retail solutions.

The Smart Retail 360 initiative kicks off this 22 October 2021 and calls for all interested retail industry leaders to participate in test bed exercises.

SOURCE: Yahoo News

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