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Industrial Internet Enables Enterprise Digitalization

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On October 21st, the Industrial Internet Forum of the 6th World Internet Conference was held at the Wuzhen Internet International Convention and Exhibition Center. The forum focused on the future development trend of the digital economy and the digital transformation of traditional industries around new technologies and applications. Wang Wenjing, the chairman of Yonyou, delivered a speech on the topic of “Digitalization of Landing Industrial Internet Enablement Enterprises” at the forum, shared the progress and practical experience of Yonyou’s digitalization of industrial enterprises, which could help enterprises to sort out the digital transformation ideas and accelerate the digital transformation process.

“The innovation ability of industrial enterprises depends on the application of information technology.”

Wang Wenjing

Information technology has become more and more important for enterprises. Wang Wenjing pointed out that Chinese industrial enterprises have experienced three core competence eras. In the period of a commodity shortage, the core competence of industrial enterprises was manufacturing capacity. During the period of commodity abundance, The market tended to be full, and the core competence of industrial enterprises was marketing capability. In the current period of consumption upgrading, the core competence of industrial enterprises is innovation.
The application of information technology in Chinese enterprises has also gone through three stages, from the computerized stage at the department level, the informatization stage at the enterprise level, and today, to the digital and intelligent stage of socialization. Yonyou’s 31-year development and enterprise’s application keep pace with the information technology revolution. In the first stage, Yonyou began with the financial software service enterprise computerization; in the second stage Yonyou entered the filed of ERP service; at present, Yonyou focuses on the enterprise cloud service. For industrial enterprises, Yonyou has made efforts to build a Yonyou smart Internet platform.

“Yonyou helps industrial enterprises achieve digitalization.”

Wang Wenjing

Wang believes that the industrial Internet platform is a key technology to support the digitalization of enterprises. After several years of development, Yonyou’s Industrial Internet platform has served 460,000 enterprise customers, covering 39 industrial categories and 18 application areas, and was selected by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology as a cross-industry inter-industry Internet platform in 2019.

Yonyou’s Industrial Internet platform has four key capabilities, industrial-grade operating systems, IT/OT deep integration, industrial enterprise rapid application cloud services, and comprehensive class identification. These functions can provide comprehensive applications for industrial enterprises, not only covering the manufacturing fields, but also providing corresponding support in the fields of transaction services, financial services, and management services. In addition to Yonyou’s own products, the supported products also bring together more than 4,000, more than 6,000 third-party cloud service products to serve industrial enterprises.

yonyou at  Internet Conference

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