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FICC Investment Solutions Seminar for Intelligent Asset Management held in Yonyou Singapore


On May 25, 2023, Yonyou Singapore hosted the FICC Investment Solutions Seminar, inviting industry investment experts and clients to engage in in-depth discussions regarding FICC investment solutions. The seminar aimed to explore new industry opportunities and better support the digital transformation of investment and asset management.

  [Opening Address by Howard Chen, Managing Director of Yonyou Singapore]

At the beginning, Howard Chen, Managing Director of Yonyou Singapore, warmly welcomed the  product and investment experts from the industry. He emphasized the significance of this seminar for product innovation and industry development. He hoped it would be a valuable opportunity for all the participants to mutually exchange insights, provide feedback and suggestions on the application of Yonyou’s investment solutions, and work together to promote the development and application of FICC investment solutions in the field of asset management.

Firstly, Yonyou team presented Yonyou’s development journey, with a focus on the significant achievements and collaborations Yonyou Singapore has accomplished in the Southeast Asian market. As a leading provider of investment and accounting solutions, Yonyou has achieved fruitful results in dominant industries such as banking, insurance, and asset management.

  [Elle Lu, Vice President of Yonyou Global Treasury Solution Center]

Next, Elle Lu, Vice president of Yonyou Global Treasury Solutions Center, provided a detailed introduction to the FICC Treasury Management System (TMS) and Investment Management System (IMS) for enterprises and financial institutions. Through some key case studies, she demonstrated the practical application of the FICC system in various enterprise scenarios, such as individual companies, global corporations, and family offices, as well as its real-world application in risk management and investment account management.


The Yonyou FICC investment solution offers comprehensive and flexible capabilities for enterprises to manage real-time positions, cash and securities inventory, and risks across various asset classes. The Treasury Management System (TMS) integrates powerful functions for cash flow management, debt and investment management, risk control, and more. The Investment Management System (IMS) aims to optimize investment portfolios and achieve stable growth through the integration of front-office, mid-office, and back-office asset management processes.

[Lucy Lv, FICC Project Consultant]

In the following session, FICC Project Consultant Lucy Lv focused on introducing the system functions and application of FICC, providing detailed information of the support and services it can offer to enterprises throughout the whole business process.  With Lucy’s presentation, attendees could gain a better understanding of how FICC can facilitate enterprise development and growth.

During the Q&A and networking session, the attendees actively engaged in discussions with product experts based on their own enterprise development perspectives. Yonyou took this opportunity to listen to feedback from clients, with the goal of providing enterprises with safer, more user-friendly, and comprehensive asset management systems that lift efficiency.


Moreover, this seminar served as a valuable platform for cooperation among enterprises in the investment field. It aimed to help enterprises seize the opportunities of digital transformation, respond more flexibly to economic risks and volatile environments, and take a new step towards intelligent asset management.

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