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2023 Youhuhui——Construction Industry Seminar was Successfully Held


Youhuhui 2023 – Construction Industry Seminar was successfully held in Yonyou Singapore.  The seminar provided a platform for in-depth communication and sharing between industry peers. Experts from the construction industry were invited to explore new ideas and innovations in digital construction solutions, offering valuable insights into the application of digital solutions in the industry.

[Neil Lin, Vice President of Yonyou Singapore]

At the beginning of the conference, Mr. Neil Lin, Vice President of Yonyou Singapore, delivered the opening speech. He highlighted the importance of the digital transformation of the construction industry and its role in supporting companies’ digitalization efforts. Mr.Neil Lin believed that the event not only provided valuable industry information and knowledge but also facilitated the formation of new friendships among like-minded professionals.

[Luo Jian, Assistant Vice President of Chip Eng Seng]

The seminar officially started with Mr. Luo Jian, Assistant Vice President of Chip Eng Seng, sharing the company’s product offerings. With over 20 years of experience in the construction industry, Mr. Luo explained the application of digital solutions in the industry with specific case studies and shared valuable insights with the audience.

[Simon Chen, Director of Industry Innovation]

This was followed by a shared session by Simon Chen, Director of Industry Innovation. He shared industry innovation and planning to enhance the attendees’ understanding of the current status and future development trends of the industry. From the perspective of digital solutions, Simon analyzed the industry’s development trends and presented industry innovation cases, providing new ideas and insights to the audience.

[Jonus Wong, Implementation Consultant]

The next segment featured Implementation Consultant Jonus Wong, who shared financial insights and techniques. His presentation focused on financial planning and management, highlighting the application and effectiveness of digital tools in financial management. The session aimed to deepen the attendees’ understanding of the core concepts of digital financial management.

During the networking session, participants had the opportunity to establish deeper connections with industry elites, exchange industry information and business opportunities, and explore potential partnerships for mutual growth.

The event was seen as a catalyst for new opportunities and possibilities in attendees’ careers and future development. Yonyou always value the opportunities to share insightful industry trends and information with all the clients and enterprises. In the future, Yonyou Singapore will continue to empower continued collaboration and success in the construction industry’s digital transformation.

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