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Material Requirements Planning

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Material Requirements Planning

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  • Production Planning
  • Task Management
  • Contract Management
  • Cost Management
  • Onsite Management
  • Progress Management
  • Suppliers’ Portal
  • Mobile App

Production Planning

Planning Policy

  • Establish multiple MPS/MRP planning schemes within an organization.
  • Support BOM-Routing matching rule settings and kitting analysis for BOM parent materials and sub-materials.
  • Ability to generate rescheduling proposal by MPS planning.

MPS/MRP Planning

  • Support collaborative planning by multi-organizations and multi-step planning by single production entity.
  • Support planner-based MPS planning by a planning organization.
  • Support phantom processing
  • Enables demand orders to be combined for scheduling taking into consideration of manufacturing factors, economic quantities and batches.

Planning Order and Fulfillment

  • Allow visibility of the planned orders list by summaries, supply-demand matching details, demand details and supply details using query parameters.
  • Enable tracking of demand source based on the planned order generated from the MRP Planning.

Task Management

Target Cost Management

  • Set up project target cost flexibly according to organization’s criteria.
  • Reasonably make the budget and timely monitor any gap in actual cost.
  • Enable visibility into project target cost ensuring projects satisfy budget commitments.

Target Cost Adjustment

  • Spend project funds in the most effective way by keeping track closely of the target cost adjustment and reallocation process.
  • Enable real-time dynamic cost control with visible comparison on planned target cost, actual cost incurred and budget balances.

Contract Management

Contract Management

  • Enable full proper recording of key contract’s information to ensure that project comply with contractual terms and conditions, hence minimize contract risk.
  • Proactively manage any contract amendment and status during the contract execution.
  • Reduce operational costs by utilizing a central repository of contract information to avoid miscommunication errors and duplication in data entry.

Invoicing and Payment Management

  • Control project invoicing, collection and payment in accordance to contract term.
  • Utilizing contract information it enables tracking of unbilled receivables, do revenue accrual as well as other internal charge-backs
  • Gain visibility contract billing and payment status, all under one single view.

Contract Settlement

  • Allowing detail recording of contract settlement e.g. terms of settlement.
  • Track and complete the release of guarantee deposit.
  • Implement processes and manage approvals across multiple pending contract settlements.

Cost Management

Dynamic Cost Management

  • Gain real-time visibility of the dynamic cost movement in the whole project lifecycle.
  • Review dynamic cost with different dimensions e.g. cost items dimension, WBS dimension.
  • Quick comparison of cost to forecast and budgets to improve cost performance.

Cost Analysis

  • Gain visibility into project cost performance with real-time cost analysis.
  • Gain visibility into project performance from costing perspective with different defined dimensions.
  • Manage all cost and expenditures based on unified cost items set-up at group-level or company-level.

Onsite Management

Variation Order (VO) Management

  • Proactively record onsite variation and related cost.
  • Track budgets and associated costs with integrated change management, enabling better visibility and higher accuracy.
  • Enabling approval process workflows and authorized online review to the change management procedures.

Quality Management

  • Define Quality Inspection standard and Project Quality target at different level.
  • Capture defect by taking a photo and put up notes. Simple and clear solution means reduce miscommunication and less errors.
  • Enable quality inspections with standardized checklists via Yonyou PM+ mobile app on a smartphone or tablet.
  • Built a strong quality tracing system with comprehensive reporting tool.

Safety Management

  • Define Safety Check information with safety check contents and suggested corrective actions.
  • Capture safety issues with ease and immediately allocate these issues for corrective actions.
  • Utilize standardize safety checklist to capture the right information every time.
  • Simplified safety management with centralized repository of all safety-related information.

Progress Management

Plan Management

  • Set up the control plan for the project.
  • Proactively manage the actual progress via real-time reporting.
  • Gain visibility in project progress with real-time comparison between planned and actual progress.

Milestone Management

  • Set up key deadlines on project plan so your team can easily see what achievement is coming up and plan accordingly.
  • Enabling approval process workflows with milestone management to trigger event for actionable tasks
  • Project control should incorporate milestone analysis to determine why is the milestone not being met and what is the impact on the project?

Progress Analysis

  • Gain visibility with real-time comparison between control plan and actual progress.
  • Offers organization a comprehensive analysis solution that delivers insight into project progress data for decision making.

Suppliers’ Portal

Supplier Portal

  • Enables you and your suppliers as collaboration partners to be more efficient by allowing access to updated information including purchase orders, delivery and payment status.
  • The Purchase Sourcing function enables an efficient sourcing process through online collaboration; suppliers can submit their quotations and/or response to quote, organization made bid comparison, negotiate and better on-board the selected supplier.
  • Achieve better efficiency by serving as a Web Store for site items requisition which integrates with backend Purchase Management.

Mobile App

Project Management Mobile Solution (PM+)

  • Using PM+ mobile app to captures distributes and track defects in real-time basis, allowing faster and accurate response to take corrective actions. Record issue, capture defect and attach photos to communicate what problem need to be fixed.
  • Increase inspection’s productivity and efficiency by providing inspectors with easy-to-use mobile app to manage on-site inspections with customizable checklist templates.
  • Improve team collaboration in the project circle – having real-time access to project progress/status, design documents and site pictures and handover review.
  • Reduce paperwork and minimize errors by providing them with information they need in an easy-to-use mobile app which can be run on iPhone, iPad and Android mobile platforms.

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