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Build Ecosystem for better Enterprise Internet Services

The global Internet is expanding from consumer based to enterprise based. Internet Application of Enterprise and organization is growing as a newly important strategic area in the wave of the Internet development. Therefore, the enterprise information also enters a new developing stage.

The development of enterprise information is changing from the computerized stage to the overall enterprise information stage, then, to the current Internet stage. The computerized level is changed from departmental level to enterprise level, then to social level correspondingly. Office Automation is a symbol of computerization stage. The information stage mainly focuses on process optimization, like ERP. In the Internet stage, the core value proposition turns into commercial innovations. Meanwhile, the corresponding service market scale is rapidly developing. If we say computerized stage is a ten billions market, then information stage is a hundred billions market and Internet stage a trillion market.

Qingdao Redcollar is developed from local clothing company to the well-known company in China. It is famous for changing the business modal by utilizing the Internet and allows a massive customization through big-data platform. It is one of the traditional enterprises which is transformed to Enterprise Internet in China.

Any business or any service innovation should be established based on customer value. What is the value that Enterprise Internet brings to the Enterprise? It brings a brand new innovation of enterprise business and management model, which is also a revolution for the enterprise operation model.

The model is shown in the following four aspects:

First of all, the enterprise business model transforms from product and manufacturer oriented to customer oriented. Turning into customer driven is a revolution for the enterprise operation model.

Secondly, the enterprise operation changes from process driven to data driven. Process is still important, but the data is becoming more critical. The operation and development of the enterprise is driven by data.

Thirdly, for the operation, the original business model is a passive operation. However, enterprise will gradually transform into real time operation due to Internet application. The idea of real-time enterprise has been raised out more than a decade ago, but this dream could only be actually realized until today.

Last but not least, the original enterprise internal operation is top-down organization driven approach, which is now transformed into employee driven approach. In Internet enterprises, employee based grass-root organization becomes more and more important. It becomes more and more prominent as the driving role for enterprise development.

Of course, these changes occur in Internet enterprises and e-commerce enterprises first. But such kind of change is originated from network enterprises are rapidly expanding to every walk of life in traditional enterprises. The previous mentioned Redcollar is only one of the cases. More traditional enterprises are in the process of this change. Nearly every executives among all industries, whether they are CEO, CIO or CFO, the most important hot issue known is the Enterprise Internet. Whether to realize Enterprise Internet is not the critical issue, the key question is how to realize the interconnection.

The Internet has become the driving power of China’s enterprise innovation, and it is also one of the important strategic focus for enterprise transition and upgrade, which is an important transformation path for realizing China’s economic development. In the foreseeable future, the Internet is no longer the web’s patent. Regardless of the industries and company scale, , every enterprise will become the Internet enterprise, and then a data-driven enterprise.

In the Information stage, the main products and services of Yonyou is the ERP management software and solution. We join force with peer manufacturers together to promote the popularization of China’s ERP application via our products and services at this stage.

In the new phase of development, the direction of Yonyou products and services is extended to provide services for the Chinese Enterprise Internet. Certainly, not only ourselves, but more Yonyou partners will cooperate to provide this services.

In Internet services, a growing number of service products are providing to enterprise customers, so as the future. Especially for the enterprise application requirements on O2O, Yonyou will provide professional O2O solutions.

TCL is China’s well-known provider for home appliance and electronic products and service. In 2014, TCL released strategy “Double+”, namely “Smart + Internet” and “product + service”, to boost O2O operation for the overall enterprise. The online and offline TCL channels are supported by Yonyou service. In the coming three years, TCL will build 30 thousand experience stores across the country. Through experience store and service platform, TCL would be able to connect end consumers directly and realize the transition from selling products only to selling products and services, as well as the transition from product management to customer management.

Enterprise Space is the social service Yonyou provides to enterprise customers. Although it is a charging service, there are more than 40 enterprise users joining after launching the service for a month. And nearly ten thousand end users have delivered the payment.

U online banking service is to set up an interface between one enterprise and all cooperative banks and provide settlement services. Nowadays, no enterprise only work with one bank. If one enterprise has branches, there will be more banks to be working with. While facing so many banks and large amounts of funds and transaction data, how to improve the docking efficiency with enterprise finance becomes critical. This service is currently in use among more than 20 companies and reserved by more than 300 companies.

Chanjet Payment is Yonyou Internet payment services product, targeting  enterprise payment. Friend Gold is the new business started in 2014, focus on small P2P financial service. Chanjet payment and Friend Gold represent that Yonyou has expanded the business from enterprise information service to financial service sector. The P2P service was launched in October. The volume of business transactions exceeds one hundred millions after lunching for 2 months, and the service clients increase to 580 units.

After more than two years transition exploration, the strategic direction of Yonyou is the Enterprise Internet. All products and services would be propelled around the Enterprise Internet strategy.

The strategy map of Yonyou is 3 + 1, “1” stands for public service platform, “3” indicates that two types and three key businesses are provided by the public service platform. Two kinds mean the enterprise operational management services and financial services. Three key strategic businesses are enterprise software, enterprise application and operation services, namely Enterprise Internet services, and Internet Finance.

Enterprise software, Enterprise Internet services and Internet Finance is the key to promote Yonyou business development strategy. Seamless connection, data sharing and business collaboration would be realized through software, Internet services, Internet finance.

The Enterprise Internet services are constructed under new computing architecture. Computing architecture is not only a technical architecture, what’s more important, it is on behalf of providing new value for the enterprise customer services based on the new technology. This architecture is to achieve user-centered, data driven and social computing application architecture.

There are two platforms to realize this architecture. Yonyou provides two products. One is a hybrid cloud platform named iUAP, which is a private cloud designed for large and medium-sized enterprises and governmental organizations and combined with public cloud. iUAP platform is an open platform developed for Enterprise Internet services based on the experience gained from developing large-scale enterprise organization computing platform and new technical structure.

As for the open public cloud platform “Chanjet Platform”, it is targeted for ten millions micro enterprises. With the promotion of micro enterprises application products by Chanjet, a series of service products for micro enterprise will be provided by Yonyou, Chanjet and other subsidiaries. In the future, we will provide more services cooperating with our partners and sell them on this platform.

Yonyou has developed its services in the field of enterprise information for 26 years. It has accumulated a good foundation as the largest Chinese enterprise software business. However, to manage the trillions market of the Enterprise Internet, Yonyou only provides a part of services. It is more important to join force with more partners and build Enterprise Internet ecosystem with various partners to achieve the goal of providing Enterprise Internet services for China and even global companies.

First, to coordinate with the overall ecosystem development strategy, Yonyou will establish Yonyou Enterprise Internet incubators and accelerators at yonyou industrial park in Beijing. Welcome enterprises and individuals who have a strong vision in developing Enterprise Internet to join our incubator and accelerator. Second, we will build one ecological fund for Enterprise Internet. This fund will invest all kinds of service providers in Enterprise Internet field and establish an ecosystem for the Enterprise Internet market.

We sincerely look forward seizing a bigger world class development opportunity in such a new Internet enterprise development stage. Our mission is to facilitate the development of China and even the world Enterprise Internet.

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